Elementary Education

Elementary Level Credit Requirements 

Elementary level is designated as first grade through fifth grade. 

In order to demonstrate completion of each grade level a student must complete:

Language Arts  -      1.00 credit
Reading -                 1.00 credit
Mathematics -          1.00 credit
Science -                    .50 credit
Social Studies -          .50 credit
Art -                          .25 credit
Physical Education -   
.25 credit
Music -                      .
25 credit
Health -                     
.25 credit
.25 credit

Elementary Course Focus

Language Arts - must include a grammar component and a writing component.

Reading - determined by grade level, includes; phonics, reading comprehension, introduction to literary components.

Mathematics - grade-level appropriate concepts in math introduced, practiced and reviewed

Science - grade-level appropriate concepts taught, simple experiments performed

Social Studies - grade level appropriate social studies concepts taught.

Art - exploratory art

Physical Education - physical activity including movement, coordination, games, and sports

Music - exploratory music

Health - grade-level appropriate concepts taught covering health, hygiene, body system function, disease, and mental and emotional health

Technology - introduction to and practice integrating computers