DESIDERATA's educational programs allow students to engage in a full life of educational experiences.  

Students have the opportunity to incorporate time into their academic schedule to explore individual interests and talents and receive credit for these learning experiences.  

Desiderata offers personalized attention that is not available through traditional educational systems.  At Desiderata, a good student is not a passive receiver of information.  Students, along with their Sponsors and the curriculum counselor, take an active role in designing their educational plans.  We believe in making each student’s education applicable to his/her goals, aspirations, and desires.  

Desiderata accomplishes this through constant contact and communication. The Program Director, throughout the orientation process, helps students identify interest areas and future educational goals so that students may begin at the Middle School and continue on through the High School levels to explore possible career options through their academic studies.  
A student of Desiderata is being continually monitored to assess acquired skills, current interests, and unique talents.  Students are guided towards courses most appropriate for their educational goals.