Desiderata School Inc. is accredited by the National Commission on Exceptional Schools

The NCES is recognized as an accreditation agency by the Federal Department of Education and by the Colorado Department of Education.


The Colorado Board of Education accredits all Public Schools 

Accreditation is defined by the Colorado Department of Education as: Certification by the Colorado State Board of Education that public schools meet the requirements established by Article 11 of title 22 CRS And the rules promulgated are pursuant to this article.  It includes the process for accrediting public schools and their districts, Pursuant to the provisions of article 11.


Section 2.0 - The Accreditation Contract

2.01      Local Board of Education shall contract with Colorado State Board of Education to administer the accreditation process for                 each school in the district the department shall administer the accreditation process for each district.  Each district shall                 enter into an accreditation contract…


Private School Regulation:

The term "non-public school" applies to private, parochial, and independent schools which provide education to children of compulsory school age. Neither the State Board of Education nor any local board of education has jurisdiction over the internal affairs of any non-state independent or parochial school in Colorado.

The State Board of Education in Colorado does not accredit private schools. Desiderata School is therefore accredited by an independent accrediting agency. Desiderata choose the NCES due to its flexibility in development of non- traditional programs while still maintaining high standards of learning for all students of its member schools.