While the Sun is symbolic of the revelation of truth, the desert is shown in Scripture
to symbolize  the lonesome wasteland of severe trial, the sacred proving ground of faith
and the arena in which the precious gem of endurance is perfected. This is a ministry
of consolation for the
sorely tried and beleaguered pilgrims who are being purified
in the desert, whose spirits are being afflicted under the searing revelation of truth.

Phillip Radcliff - Director, Curator
Tim Paulson - Editor, Author
passed on from this physical existence on 12.20.14

While the primary focus of our site is upon the plight of
those who are under
going trials of faith, you can tell by
all our books and articles (listed on the left-side of the page)
that we are also here to bolster the persuasion of all
who have been chosen in
Christ Jesus.

Please bookmark the site an
d visit us often,
as we are continuously adding not only to the articles
and the downloadable books, pamphlets and broadsheets,
but also to the videos and music!
For the greater glory of the Father in Jesus Christ, we hope
to make the site into a veritable treasure trove for all who
hold the Doctrines of Grace to be dear.

A Very Special Note:
Our library of DOWNLOADABLE BOOKS has swelled
to over 1200 selections of the finest literature this side of Glory!
Indeed, our gracious God has provided everything from many of
the Puritan Classics to the richest periodicals, laden with golden
nuggets! Subscribing to the dictum, Buy the truth and sell it not
(Job 23:23), we offer as much as you desire of that which
is priceless -
 at absolutely no price at all...

The Entire Gospel
from the
Textus Receptus
In 145 expository narratives:
Jesus - Preincarnate & His Birth
Featuring 8 narratives, in chronological order, from the preincarnate
Eternal Expression to the childhood of Jesus:
John the Baptist

Featuring 9 narratives, in chronological order, furnishing the complete story of
John the Baptist’s birth, ministry and death:
Jesus’ Earthly Ministry
Featuring a total of 128 narratives, each following the earthly ministry of Jesus,
in chronological order; beginning with His baptism and ending with His ascension.
You can see the lists of expository narratives by clicking on the following links:

First Year:
Second Year:
Final Year:
Final Days:

Death, Resurrection & Ascension:

Trials ~ Suffering
Consolation & encouragement for those who
are experiencing the agony of trials.
A Spiritual Revelation
Textus Receptus

a total of 50 expository articles:
A verse-by-verse spiritual exposition
of the Apocalypse.
Sections of Special Interest:

Everything you ever wanted to know about the Decree of all decrees,
but wouldn’t dare to ask! Including many pertinent downloadable books & articles.

A thorough study concerning the doctrine of eternal punishment, complete
with many pertinent downloadable books & articles.

An exhaustive treatment of Gospel Millennialism, including many
pertinent downloadable books & articles.

We are bidden, ...grow in grace and in the knowledge of our
Lord and Savior Jesus Christ” (II Pet 3:18). The process of
sanctification is the only way. Several of the most godly minds
ever to negotiate the difficult journey from Justification to Glorification

Treatises and sermons boldly proclaiming the Doctrines of Grace

Articles relating to the heart and soul of our faith

Separate menus are also seen in the following two locations within the site:

...grow in grace and in the knowledge
of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
To Him be glory both now and forever.

II Pet 3:18

Highest Recommendation
Church of Greenville
It is truly difficult in this age to find a church which genuinely reflects the best of those having sprung from the original church formed by Jesus. As the Kingdom advanced through the world from that first century, we can clearly discern the presence of true churches in every age and in many countries, often by means of a trail of blood. From the 17th through the 20th centuries, many of them bore the title, “Baptist. However, as the distinction of that title became blurred by the schismatic Protestant denomination which now uses it, the true churches began to abandon the use of any title at all. The Church of Greenville is an authentic church of the Lord Jesus Christ: As His churches were often labeled by the regions in which they existed, without thriving under a vaunted banner, this one humbly exists as one formed within the vicinity of Greenville, South Carolina, which is nestled in the Southern Appalachian Mountains. The church itself meets south of the city, in a hamlet known as Simpsonville. We believe it would be well worth your while to visit the Church of Greenville page of our DOWNLOADABLE BOOKS section and select from their many pamphlets and articles.

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