PDCMS Green Committee

Chair: Alex Napier

Mission Statement:

The mission of the Green Committee is two fold:
· To encourage and facilitate ways in which PDCMS can become more energy efficient, thereby reducing overall operating costs for the school.
· To promote stewardship by increasing student and staff awareness of school, community, and global environmental issues.
Needs/Wants/Wish List:
· That all school clubs and organizations adhere to our official, board-approved title of “Green School” and use recycled or recyclable products whenever possible. 
· Additional solar panels (connections are already there to be added on to)
Previous Actions/Activities:
· Worked with PTO for Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Day March 14th, 2009. All proceeds went to the school as a whole. Included a yard sale, recycling drop off, snacks. 
· Promotion of green ideas by holding “Step Up to the Plate” luncheon, “Lights Off” day on campus, email reminders to unplug before school breaks, email reminders/how-to’s on energy saving practices.
· phone book recycling competition
What are you currently working on?
· Caps for Caps grade level competition
· Coke Rewards, Trash 4 Cash (both ongoing)
Where you plan to go in the future?
· increase student/staff involvement in our goal to become more energy efficient

Green School Information PowerPoint

Christine Hartooni,
Jan 8, 2013, 1:26 PM