September, 2015

Welcome back to school! I am looking forward to greeting you all this week.

Have a wonderful start to school as you get to know your teachers and new classmates.

Here is a link to a blog regarding "struggling learners." The idea is that all students should struggle when they learn. Please, take a look at it.

All Students Should be Struggling Learners

Finally: I congratulate the Boys Soccer Team for the CIF championship last year! They received their rings this week!

Ms. Cook, Principal

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The LQHS Culinary Institute Presents:

Blackhawk Culinary Showdown

Thursday September 3, 2015

 Executive Chef Herve Glin from Le Parker Meridian




Chef de Cuisine Chef Denis Sebie from La Quinta Resort

*$5 of each ticket will be donated to a local charity*

**Remaining proceeds to benefit the LQHS Culinary Program**

 Guest emcee is Channel 3  morning anchor Bianca Rae

Each Chef will prepare a 3 course meal with the use of a mystery produce and protein that must be in at least two of the courses.

Each Chef will work with at least two of our students.

Each Chef will learn about the mystery produce and protein 24 hours prior to the competition and is allowed to prepare the dishes in their home kitchen, plating must be completed at the LQHS Culinary Institute.

Thank you Crown Meat Company, L & G Desert Store, E & E Pels, Mellany Miller Photography, and Freeze Photobooth for your generous product donations to make this possible!!!!

Each ticket holder will taste each of the chef's dishes.

Please email me at

if you have any questions.


Sean Webb

To purchase tickets for September 3, 2015

Bulletin for 8/28/15

Anyone interested in Wrestling this year, there is a MANDATORY meeting this Friday, August 28th in Room 1001 during Lunch.


The Blackhawk Brigade will be having Auditions for the Color Guard from August 27 - September 11. Auditions are open for all grades and new members! Please contact band director Mr. Fleischmann or Color Guard director Mr. Cordova. Fliers will be posted and handed out during lunch.


There will be a meeting for all students interested in playing baseball this friday in Coach Conleys room 257 at lunch.


Attention all Seniors: Senior Sunrise will be Tuesday, September 1st at 5:30 am at Blackhawk Stadium. Wear your PJ's and come start off you Senior year with Breakfast and Friends.


Calling all Key Club members. We will be having our first meeting of the year on Tuesday, September 1st during lunch in Room 205. Come and bring a friend.


Anyone interested in competing in Boys' Golf: There will be an informational meeting in Room 609 during lunch on Tuesday, September 1st.

Are you interested in Debate? The Forensics team is having it's first meeting Tuesday, September 1, after school in room 408.



Due to many inquiries, we will post the dress code on this front page through the first week of school.
School officials will determine what constitutes a dress code violation. Violators may be required to call home for a change clothes or use school issued clothing as loaners. A second violation will result in After School Detention. Additional violations may result in suspension from school. Clothing that displays lewd, obscene, vulgar, promotes violence, or offensive
statements or pictures are not permitted. Clothing should be in good taste neat, clean, modest, and decent.

Please note the following:
● Bare midriff may not be exposed. The test for this is to raise your hands above your head, if your midriff is not shown, then the shirt is ok.
● No bare backs, tube tops, or halter tops.
● All tops and dresses must connect front to back over both shoulders.
● Straps for all shirts must be at least an inch in width.
● All clothing is to be worn appropriately and may not expose any part of the
undergarments or body parts.
● No see through, fish net type clothing or low cut plunging neck lines.
● Shorts or skirts may not be shorter than mid thigh. The test for this: with your extended arm down your leg, your thumbnail must be touching the fabric of your shorts or skirt. Buttocks and other body parts may not be exposed.
● P.E. uniforms may only be worn in P.E. class.
● Unsafe clothing accessories will not be allowed (chains)
● No oversize clothing, belts that hang, wallet chains, or clothes that sag,
● Ragged or torn garments may be worn as long as the thumbnail requirement is met. 
● No head coverings such as hair nets, dorags, or bandannas may be worn or exposed.
● Hoods may not be worn in the classroom.
● Approved hats may only be worn outside of buildings (worn forward only).
● No initialized, marijuana leaf, or belt buckles shaped as weapons may be worn.
● Nothing can be worn that obscures the identity of the student e.g. face paint, head and face covering, hair styles, or costumes.
● Clothing may not identify a student as a member of any organization that is not either approved of or recognized by the school.
● Clothing may not be customized or identify the wearer as living or belonging to a particular part of town or group.
● Clothing may not depict advertisements for alcoholic beverages, tobacco, drug use in any form or have pictures of naked men or women on them. (if the person shown on the shirt does not abide by dress code, then it cannot be worn)
● Numbers deemed inappropriate such as 13, 69, 187, or 420 may not be written on personal property or worn on clothing.
● All footwear must be safe, no steel toes, taps, rollers, slide shoes or bedroom slippers