There is NO school for students on Monday, Oct. 12th. This is a professional development day for teachers and staff members. 

Mr. C's Blog - Week 7- Oct. 5-9

Welcome to the seventh week of school!

* The end of the quarter is ONLY four weeks away!  The first quarter ends on Friday, Oct. 30th!  Please do not wait until the last minute before you check your grades.  I know most teachers accept late/missing work for credit.  I also know that most teachers allow students to retake quizzes and/or tests for a better score.  Please check your HAC account and talk with your child and teachers about grades. 

* There is NO school for students on Monday, Oct. 12th.  This is a professional development day for teachers and staff members.  Enjoy the day off!  Use it to get caught up on grades!

* Students are not allowed to wear accessories over their uniform.  This includes ties, vests, and/or suspenders.

* As the weather begins to cool, we will get more and more students on the field during lunch.  This is great.  I advocate sports play and exercise.  However, we do not allow students to play any type of tackling games or games with physical force.  Students may lose their field privilege, could face school suspension for willful use of physical force, and possibly receive a citation through the Indio Police Department.

* Speaking of sports…  We do NOT allow students to bring their own sports equipment from home.  This includes footballs, basketballs, soccer balls, tennis balls, etc.  We provide sports equipment at lunch.  Students can check out a ball from the student store.

* My responsibility for your child's safety extends from your home to our school and back to your home.  Students must adhere to all school rules while coming to school, at school, and going home from school! 

* We are getting a lot of bus citations for inappropriate behaviors on buses and at the bus stops.  I must remind everyone that riding the bus is a privilege, not a right!  Students will lose bus privileges for inappropriate behaviors on the bus and/or at the bus stop.

* We are beginning a new recycling program at DRA starting Monday, Oct. 5th.  Grades will compete against one another to earn a polo-free day once a quarter.  Grade levels earn points by recycling aluminum cans, plastic bottles, lunch trays, and pizza boxes.  Each item is worth one point.  The grade level that accumulates the most points each quarter earns a polo-free day.  However, grade levels will have points deducted for leaving trash and littering on campus. 

* Halloween falls on a Saturday this year.  However, we will break from our dress code policy and allow students to wear Halloween costumes to school on Friday, Oct. 30th.  The costumes must not be offensive and masks cannot be worn in classrooms and when coming through the gate.  In addition, students must come to school with all make-up applied.  Students cannot bring make-up to school for application in the restrooms.  Aerosol sprays (hairspray or hair coloring) are not permitted on campus.  Weapons (fake, real, or look-alike) are also not allowed on campus.  Students who violate any of these policies will be sent to the office.  Parents will be called for a change of clothes to be brought to school.  My best advice...  If you are questioning something, ASK first!

* All students must wear their school ID and school-issued lanyard every day while on campus.  The front of the ID’s must be free from stickers and paper covering a student’s picture and name.  Students are receiving citations for covering their picture!  Three citations lead to a lunch detention.

* The Packers destroyed the Kansas City Chiefs on Monday night at Lambeau Field!!!  Aaron Rodgers was masterful in breaking apart the Chiefs defense!  Next up…  The San Francisco 49ers!  This game appears as an easy win with the Niners looking awful.  However, I have a bad feeling about this one…  Colin Kaepernick always finds a way to shred our defense with his running.  This one is tough.  Hopefully the Packers will dominate and continue their undefeated season!

I hope you have a refreshing weekend!!!

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School Information

Office Hours:  8:20 - 3:40 - Monday - Friday

Dress Code:  School Uniform: Polo tops in school colors only. Bottoms any color, no gym shorts allowed. Students wear lanyard/ID at all times while at DRA or on school bus.

SCHOOL COLORS: Royal Blue, Gold, Orange

MASCOT: Diamondbacks  

School Site Council Meetings

Oct. 5, 2015 - An important message from Mr. C. regarding new recycling program. 


Clubs @ DRA

  • This week at DRA - September 21, 2015
    Monday - September 21 - 
    • Fitness Club - meets at 9:00 a.m. 
    • Helping Hands - Meets during lunch in room 313 - Ms. Casillas, Coach Brock, and Mr. Martinez

    Tuesday, September 22- 
    • AVID meets at lunch in room 404 -Mrs. Alles
    • FCA - Fellowship of Christian Athletes meets at lunch in room 309 - Ms. Ortiz
    • 3-D Dance - meets at lunch in MPR - Mrs. Zingler & Dr. Meadows

    Wednesday, September 23 
    • Club Live meets at lunch in room 613 - Mrs. Thomas
    • DIY - Do It Yourself Arts & Crafts - meets in room 605 - Ms. Valencia
    • WEB leaders - meets during lunch in room 612 - Dr. Meadows
    • D'Back Debaters - meets after school from 3:16 - 4:15 in room 402 - Ms. Flaherty 

    Thursday, September 24

    • Drama club meets during lunch in room 404 - Mrs. Alles
    • 3-D Dance - during lunch in MPR - Mrs. Zengler & Dr. Meadows

    Friday, September 25

                     Every Friday is Fun Day during lunch. Join ASB for some fun activities! 

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