Coach Brock -DSUSD Middle School 
Teacher of the Year - 2015!

Congratulations to Mr. Lethlean and Coach Brock-  DRA's Teachers of the Year for 2015.

The Brock Family at DSTA Teacher of the Year Awards Dinner - May 14, 2015 

8th Grade:
  1. All 8th graders will begin the CAASPP on May 11th
  2. ELA "Class Activity" will be administered on Wednesday May 13th via ELA classes. 
  3. Math "Class Activity" will be administered on Monday May 18th through Math classes

Mr. C's Blog - Week 35- May 18-22

Four weeks?!?  Really?  That's all!!!

* I cannot believe we have less than twenty school days left!  Time is flying by!!!

* Progress Reports will be sent home or mailed home this week.  Please ask your child for your copy.  Remember, though, you can always check your child's grades, attendance, and discipline by accessing your HAC account.

* Eighth grade students are still taking the CAASPP assessment.  We still need all 8th grade students to bring ear buds or headphones to use for the assessment.

* Coach Brock was named Middle School Teacher of the Year for the entire Desert Sands Unified School District.  This is a great honor.  Congratulations Coach Brock!!!

* Our annual Talent Showcase is this Thursday, May 21st, at 6:00 p.m. in the MPR.  Tickets will be $3.00 for advanced sales and $5.00 at the door.

* There is no school on Monday, May 25th in honor of Memorial Day.  Enjoy the three day weekend!

* Any type of physical horseplay is not allowed.  This includes playing "body shots", wrestling, tackle football, rugby, tripping, "table-topping, etc.  Too many times horseplay gets taken too far and turns into a fight.  A fight leads to a suspension and a citation via Indio Police.  Student may receive a school suspension for this type of activity.

* Please remember that students' behavior is being monitored once they leave their home until they get back home.  This includes behavior while walking to and from the bus stop, walking to and from school, bus stop behavior, and behavior on the bus.  Students can lose bus privileges for inappropriate behaviors on the bus and at the bus stop.

* Students are receiving disciplinary consequences for shooting rubber bands, shooting objects with rubber bands, creating a shooting device from mechanical pencils, and other nonsense shooting devices.  Students can also receive a citation from IPD for creating and shooting objects at students.

* Per school board policy, students CANNOT sell items at school without getting permission from administration and/or ASB.  This includes soda, candy, chips, etc.  Students may receive disciplinary consequences for selling items.

* In recent weeks, students have been vandalizing bathrooms by breaking the soap dispensers and throwing tissue onto the ceilings.  This behavior is suspendable and may also earn someone a citation through Indio Police!!!  I don’t understand how students get pleasure by destroying/breaking parts of their own school!!!  Take PRIDE in your school or find somewhere else to go!!!

* Students will begin returning textbooks and library books on Monday, May 18th.  The librarian has sent a schedule to teachers regarding book return dates.  Please pull your books from your closets and from under your beds!  Students are responsible for paying for lost and/or damaged books.  Textbooks can range from $80.00 to $125.00!!!  These fines carry through high school!  We will also be collecting library books.

*The final day of after school tutoring is Thursday, May 21st.  However, our ASES after-school program operates through the final day of school.  Thursday will be the last day for all students NOT in ASES to stay after school for tutoring unless another arrangement was made with a specific teacher.  We are not taking applications for next year yet.  You can submit an application during the orientation days prior to the first day of school next year.

* The eighth grade students will have a presentation on Friday, May 29th at 9:00 a.m. in the MPR by students from SHHS who are creating a new program for incoming freshman called Link. 

* It is very important for all eighth grade students and families to understand that the awards night for eighth grade students is NOT a promotion night!  Students are not receiving promotion certificates on this night.  Per school board policy, middle schools are not permitted to have a promotion night for middle school students.  Awards will be presented for attendance, honor roll, staff acknowledgements, and other achievements made during the second semester.

* The eighth grade awards night will be on Tuesday, June 2nd, from 5:00 - 7:00 p.m.

* The awards night for sixth and seventh grade students will be on Wednesday, June 3rd!  The sixth graders will be recognized from 5:00 - 6:00 p.m.  The seventh grade assembly will be from 6:30 – 7:30 p.m.

* All current DSUSD students entering 7th grade must provide proof of a Tdap immunization booster to their child’s school before the start of the 2015-16 school year. All new students entering grades 7-12 must provide the same proof. Students who do not meet this requirement will not receive their school registration packet and school schedule and will not start school. Parents are advised to start presenting their child’s Tdap immunization record to the school site as soon as they have received the vaccination.  If your child is in need of the Tdap immunization, please contact your private physician or the Riverside County Public Health Department Immunization Clinic (760-863-8283). Please do not delay the start of your child’s 2015-16 school year.

* One of our goals at Desert Ridge Academy is to create a professional environment for all staff members, students, parents, visitors, and guest teachers.  We expect our students to display extremely positive behaviors when a guest teacher is present. 

Disrespectful behavior will not be tolerated!  Students who are removed from a guest teacher’s classroom will meet with the Dean of Students.  Students will face immediate suspension if an investigation finds the student’s behavior is deemed as inappropriate, defiant, and/or disrespectful. (Student Handbook, page 9)

* Please remember that we do not allow Axe Body Spray and/or any other aerosol body spray/deodorant!  Cans will be confiscated and not returned unless a parent/guardian comes to pick it up.

* Vapor cigarettes, Hookah Pens, and/or other brands of electronic cigarettes are NOT allowed on school campuses, buses, and/or bus stops.  Students will receive disciplinary consequences and possibly a citation from Indio Police for the possession of these products.

 * Please make sure you contact Mr. Cain or me if you are experiencing or witnessing any form of bullying activity.  We will keep your name anonymous!  You can also post an anonymous complaint/concern/tip on our district website at

* Students are not allowed to have laser pointers/pens at school and/or on the bus.  This is a district policy.  Students will receive disciplinary consequences for having laser pointers/pens at school.

* The last three days of school, June 9th, 10th & 11th, are minimum days.  Students will be dismissed at 1:38 p.m.

* The final day of school is on Thursday, June 11th. 

Have a great weekend and a fantastic week!!!

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