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Mr. C's Blog - Week 13-Nov. 20

Week thirteen is upon us!!!

* Thanksgiving Break is from Monday, Nov. 23rd – 27th!  Yes, you get the whole week off this year!  School will resume on Monday, Nov. 30th.

* Friday, Nov. 20th will be one of our craziest days of the year!  We are having our annual Turkey Bowl (staff versus students football game) after lunch.  We also get a bunch of parents who pick up students early to avoid dismissal traffic.  Parents and guardians…  Please be patient when coming early.  Our office staff does the best job possible to locate your child.  My advice…  Let us know in advance if you will be coming to pick your child up early on Friday!  This way, we will try to have your child in the office BEFORE the football game. 

* Chilly days are here!!!  Students may wear sweatshirts and jackets to school as long as the item does not display inappropriate or offensive graphics and/or words.  Students may not wear hoods and other hats in the classroom and/or school buildings.

* In addition, students may not wear vests, ties, and/or other clothing items that cover or mask the school uniform.

* Students are required to wear the school ID and school issued lanyard around their neck throughout the entire school day.  I am going to start citing students for not wearing the lanyard during passing periods and during class.  The only exceptions to this rule are when students are in P.E. and at lunch.

* Speaking of P.E., students are required to dress out every day! 

* Students should not be bringing stuffed animals, blankets, and other non-school related items to school.  These items are starting to create distractions in our classrooms.  These items will be confiscated in the mornings.

* In addition, students are not allowed to wear slippers to school.  No….  Not even the fuzzy, warm ones!  

* Be an ally at DRA!  Please report any type of bullying and/or harassing behavior that is being done to you or someone else.  We cannot help if we are not aware!  You can also make an anonymous report on our district's antibullying website, www.PSSTWorld.com .

* Are you checking your HAC account?!?  You can check your child's grades, behavior, and attendance on a daily basis. 

* You can also keep tabs on daily class work and homework by linking your calendar to each teacher’s google calendar.  Please take some time to browse through your teacher’s web pages.

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School Information

Office Hours:  8:20 - 3:40 - Monday - Friday

Dress Code:  School Uniform: Polo tops in school colors only. Bottoms any color, no gym shorts allowed. Students wear lanyard/ID at all times while at DRA or on school bus.

SCHOOL COLORS: Royal Blue, Gold, Orange

MASCOT: Diamondbacks  

Desert Ridge Academy