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When Your Child Doesn't Want to Go to School
If your child suddenly begs to stay home, here are a few ways to find out what's really going on.
By Jenn Mann, Psy.D. from Parents Magazine
Trying to avoid school by faking sickness, crying and clinging to you, or protesting getting out of pajamas, is very common at the elementary school age. It’s often just a small step backward in your child’s natural progression toward independence, but it can sometimes be a sign of anxiety issues. Whatever the cause, there are many strategies you can use to get her back to school.

Reduce the fun factor. 

Sometimes children want to skip school simply because home is a better place to be. The solution is to make staying home from school boring! When your child complains of a headache in the morning, assess whether she’s actually sick. If there’s no fever, vomiting, or other telltale signs, try to get her to go to school. You can say, “Let’s just try. I can always come pick you up later,” since getting her out the door is half the battle. On days when she does stay home, of course you should take care of her, but don’t give her any screen time or treats. Once she knows that a sick day isn’t a play day, she’ll likely be eager to return to class.

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Tutoring is off to a great start. We are excited to have the opportunity to assist so many students.Thank you parents for making sure your child is dropped off and picked up on time.

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    Story Tellers

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