Principal's Message
Think back to your elementary school years if you can. What do you remember? Was it the number of books you read? Was it that tough math problem you solved? Perhaps it was 100% on those spelling tests? Maybe it was. Or maybe what you remember was a play you were in, or the time you got to bang on some strange musical instruments or CREATED a work of art. Personally speaking, most of my memories of elementary school are centered around the other things we did. Well, all of those things are here at Carrillo Ranch School. Our students get to experience the arts and learn how to work together towards a common goal, all the while developing a discipline and gaining experience not found in traditional curriculum. We're putting the arts BACK into elementary school education. - Mr. Waybrant, School Principal

School Newsletter: Courier November 2017


Carrillo Ranch Elementary

Welcome to Carrillo Ranch Elementary School, a Visual and Performing Arts Magnet Academy located in West Indio. We are a K-5 school which opened in September of 2005. In October 2010 we were awarded a Federal Magnet Grant for the Visual and Performing Arts. I am proud to say this program continues for the 2015-2016 school year. We have put together a dynamic program offering all students music, dance, drama, art, and audio/visual engineeringEach and every student will experience the wonders of the arts as well as a rigorous academic curriculum. Please take a few moments to explore our website and learn more about our programs.