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Eurythmy performance Thurs, Mar. 19th canceled

posted Mar 4, 2020, 2:34 PM by Crystal Lee   [ updated Mar 17, 2020, 3:13 PM ]

Due to the COVID-19 school closures, this performance is canceled for the 19th. Hopefully we will be able to reschedule it soon.

Thank you for your understanding in this matter.


Sophomore Poetry Night

posted Feb 19, 2020, 9:28 AM by Crystal Lee

Last Friday our sophomore's closed out their poetics block with Ms. Reiling, and they shared some of their poems with us. It was a wonderful evening, and we want to thank Ms. Reiling and the sophomore class for being so brave to get up and share their works with us. They made us laugh, cry, and everything in between.


posted Feb 19, 2020, 7:51 AM by Crystal Lee   [ updated Feb 19, 2020, 8:18 AM ]

We want to thank Ms. Keeley for batiking with us back in the fall. We thought we'd share some pictures of the high school's experience creating their own designs...

Senior Project Nights were a huge success!

posted Feb 18, 2020, 2:01 PM by Crystal Lee

We had so many great presentations, and we want to thank everyone who showed up to give their support. A special thank you goes out to Mr. Schantz for being in charge of the senior projects and for helping our seniors craft their presentations. It was a wonderful night!

Wednesday, February 5th--our first night of presentations.

Phoenix: Building a computer from scratch!

Ren: Learning to play the piano, and the story that went with the song that was chosen.

Richman: Lighting, sound and perspective--how to make a horror film. 

Mae: Creating novellas with a strong Asian young adult character that's relatable.

Matthew: Taking his skateboarding to the next level--showing his progression and hurdles along the way.

Thursday, February 6th--our second night of presentations.

Jacob: How he learned to make his own beats and his own music.

Edie: Becoming a muralist and her quest to show her work in the public.

Cole: Making a documentary about technology and how it affects our lives.

Bryn: Creating her own vegan cookbook entitled, "Everything Under the Sun." 

Keegan: His goals and achievement of being accepted into the coast guard.

Firebirds Clubs

posted Feb 13, 2020, 1:24 PM by Crystal Lee

Good morning DMS families,

I wanted to inform you, starting today, we are transitioning to Thursdays and Mondays. The soccer club will continue through February as a free program to DMS students grade 7 through 12.

Beginning Monday March 2nd, DMS is offering Firebirds Club to all students grade 7 through 12. The Firebirds Club will play volleyball for the month of March. We will meet at the high school sand volleyball court on Mondays and Thursdays through April 2nd. This is a four week program where we will practice the skills and enjoy the fun game of volleyball. Practice will be from 3:30 to 5:00. The cost for this sport is $40 per student.

Starting April 6th, Firebirds Club will begin a 6 week, Monday and Thursday  program of Ultimate Frisbees. This club is offered to DMS students grade 7 through 12. During this six weeks program we will be practicing and playing the fun game of Ultimate Frisbee. Practice is held from 3:30 to 5:00 at on the west and south fields. The cost for this program is $60 per student. 

For convenience, all programs can be prorated. Scholarships are also available through the high school office.

Thank you for your support of extracurricular sports at DMS. We hope to see your Firebird Kids on the field.

Contact me with any questions: gregallen0554@gmail.com  

Teacher/Coach Greg Allen
DMS Firebirds  

Medieval Games Student Volunteers Needed!

posted Feb 4, 2020, 8:54 AM by Crystal Lee

Dear  Students & Parents,

There are several volunteer opportunities for the students. This is also a great opportunity for parents to take care of volunteer hours. There are many slots to fill and all volunteers are welcome.

Calling All Knighted Students

As is our tradition, we invite all knighted students to return to the Games to help serve at the Feast & Soup Vigil dinners.  

* The Medieval Games Feast is on Thursday, March 5th & the Vigil is on Friday, March 6th.
* This year there are 24 knighted students slots for the Feast and 6 for the Vigil.

* For the Feast, our knighted students will be assigned to teams and each team will have a captain.

* To be eligible for a captain slot, students must have at least 1 year of experience serving at the Feast/Vigil.

* To request a captain slot, interested students should note their request in the comment section of the Sign Up.

* All knighted students must dress in costume & will be feed dinner. There is a lending wardrobe available for the serving crew.

For High School Students

* Assisting at a Vigil station on Friday, March 6th.

To sign up please visithttps://www.signupgenius.com/go/5080a49abae22aa8-2020

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me via email or at 602-791-1724.

Colleen Pope
Games Caterer

Sr Project Night Schedules

posted Feb 3, 2020, 1:24 PM by Crystal Lee

Please join us for the Senior Project Presentation evenings on Wednesday and Thursday this week from 7 to 8:30 in Parzival Hall. The schedule is as follows:

Desert Marigold School Presents...

 ***  Class of 2020 Senior Projects  ***

Wednesday, February 5th

7:00 pm - 8:30 pm (Parzival Hall)

Building a Computer from Scratch - Phoenix Roeder 

Come hear how Phoenix built a computer from scratch with no previous experience.

From Chopsticks to Debussy - Ren Nelson Melle

Learning an instrumental song can be daunting and incredibly frustrating at times. Watch to see if Ren will pull through.

The Scariest Senior Project - Richman Lambert

Go deep into the process of making a horror film and learn three of the most important components that create something truly terrifying.

Steps to Writing a Novel - Mae Hart

Come join Mae for a conversation about all the steps that go into creating a novel.

Skateboarding: The Next Level - Matthew Matusak

Matthew made it his goal to take skateboarding to the next level. Come hear about his experience.

Thursday, February 6th

7:00 pm - 8:30 pm (Parzival Hall)

Why I Like Music - Jacob Milner

Jacob explores the world of Beat Making and takes his skills to the next level. Come learn about his personal musical expression.

Becoming a Muralist - Edie Brown

Edie wants to take her artistic career to the next level and show the public her work. Join her through her journey to become a muralist!

Writing the Story of My Generation - Cole Witmore

Join Cole as he talks about the trials and tribulations of writing and creating a documentary about technology and how it affects our lives.

Everything Under the Sun - Bryn Maynard

Come hear about plant-based eating through the experience of a high school student. Bryn has created a book with easy, healthy meals to help inspire others to cook and fall in love with fresh green food.

Semper Paratus - Keegan Hymas

Join Keegan as he journeys from a dream to a reality.

Sr Project Nights 2/5 & 2/6

posted Jan 24, 2020, 11:25 AM by Crystal Lee

** Senior Project Nights - Save the Date **

Please join us to support our seniors! 

Parzival Hall:

Wednesday, February the 5th  7:00 - 8:30 PM

Thursday, February the 6th   7:00 - 8:30 PM

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Drama Club Tax Credit for the High School

posted Jan 14, 2020, 9:32 AM by Crystal Lee

Dear Parents, Families and Friends of DMS High School,

If you owe state tax for 2019, please write a check to our high school in support of our drama club. This money will be used to pay for licencing, scripts, production of the senior play, and the venue as well as supporting our other classes in the high school drama club.

This is a tax credit, not a deduction, so the full amount is subtracted from what you owe in Arizona income tax. You receive a dollar-for-dollar reduction in the amount you pay in taxes to the state for the amount of your donation. You can make a donation as late as April 15th and claim it against the previous year’s taxes.*

If you don’t owe state tax for 2019, the money will be refunded to you by the state, so you don’t lose any money on this. It’s free money to our school.


Everyone can participate! As long as you have Arizona income tax liability, you can make an Arizona Tax Credit Contribution to DMS high school. If you have already given, find friends and relatives and have them give to DMS high school! We ask every family in the high school to donate their Tax Credit to DMS high school and invite their extended network to do the same.


*A confirmation receipt will be sent to you for income tax purposes. Be sure to consult your tax adviser to determine exactly how the tax credit will impact you personally.


Valley of the Sun Waldorf Education Association – Desert Marigold School – District Number 078964000

Please forward this email to your family and friends in support of your acting. We have attached a form that allows you to assign your funds to the high school drama club. You can send this form and your money in to Crystal Lee at the high school office. 6210 S 28th St, Phoenix, AZ 85042

Call with any questions: 602-243-6909 x3, or email: hsoffice@desertmarigold.org

There are hard copies of the form at the high school office if you would like to come and grab one or many.

Thank you!


Arizona Tax Credit Program HS

Ice Skating on Friday, Jan. 17th

posted Jan 9, 2020, 1:00 PM by Crystal Lee

Hi there, DMHS community!
STUCO is excited to invite the high school out for a fun evening of ice skating!

Where: Chandler Ice Den 
7225 W. Harrison St.
Chandler, AZ 85226

When: 7 - 9 pm

Cost: $10 at the door to get in ($8 admission if you have your own skates). $3 for skate rentals. Lockers cost $1 if you want to rent one.

Please let us know if you have any questions!

Happy skating!

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