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Geography 8

Welcome to 8th grade Geography. We will be studying geography using the 5 themes of geography: Location, Place, Human-Environment Interaction, Movement, and Regions. At the end of the class you will be able to do the following:
    1. Identify and characterize different regions of the world.
    2. Identify the differences between developing and developed countries.
    3. Use maps to identify location, climate, vegetation, land-forms, and population.
    4. Express an understanding of various global issues
The information here is for both parents and students, providing course information and various resources that will help students learn about geography. 

All assignments, attachments, and deadlines can be found on Schoology.com
Classroom Supplies

Textbook - this will be supplied.
2 poster boards
1 tri-fold display board
3 ring binder for handouts
Fine black pen for labeling maps
Colored pencils
Box of Kleenex