Expectations & Grading

I follow all the policies in the Student handbook which includes the drugs, alcohol, tobacco, fighting, cheating, plagiarizing, weapon, attendance, clothing, harassment & bullying, and language
Students are not to bring food, cell phones, back packs, head sets, Ipods, etc.
Tardiness...Any student with an unexcused tardy will need to make up that time before or after school. Three tardies equal a visit to Principal Rowekamp and a call to parents.
Class directions are written on the whiteboard and students are expected to be in their seats when the bell rings.
Students are expected to be engaged in class discussion and daily work. Working on other courses in not allowed unless approved by me.
Students are responsible for their own work areas. Each class is has room clean up chores that the students are expected to complete before leaving each day. Points are deducted for work not completed in a timely manner.
Students should be respectful of other students work.
No throwing of anything! Throwing clay results in cleaning of the art room after school.
Bathroom passes are limited. The number set for individual classes.
If the students are missing class for a band or choir lesson, they should arrange for another student to take notes or explain what they missed.
Subjects for assignments should be kept appropriate for school.
Students are expected to reduce, re-use, and recycle.
Any student abusing internet privilege will receive a verbal warning. If it continues, the student will lose internet privileges for that day, and the assignment would be due the following day.

In addition to school rules (please see school handbook) and my procedures.

 Always control your body and voice

 Respect yourself and others

 Take care of art room materials

 Consequences for CHOOSING not to

follow the class guidelines/rules:

 1st offense – Warning

 2nd offense – Final warning/Removal from the class or student is required to stay after class

 3rd offense –Students are given a “fix it “plan to be signed by the parent/guardian

 4th offense – Student is sent to the office, parents contacted (punishment may be lunch detention or before/after school ISS

 Severe disruptions – student will be sent straight to the office

Art work will be graded within the week of when turned in, and grades will be posted by the end of that week.
Grading Scale -

High School Grading Scale
A    96
A-   90
B+  87
B    84
B-   80
C+  77
C    74
C-   70
D+  67
D+  64
D-   60
F     0

Students are graded according to the criteria set for individual assignments.
Also considered in the grade are effort, attendance, "time on task", class participation, and clean up assignments.