Achievement and Integration Plan


The “Achievement and Integration for Minnesota” program is established to pursue racial and economic integration and increase student academic achievement, create equitable educational opportunities and reduce academic disparities based on student’s diverse racial, ethnic and economic backgrounds in MN public schools.

Funds must be used for one or all of the following:

1.  integrated learning environments that prepare all students to be effective citizens and enhance social cohesion.

2.  policies and curricula and trained instructors, administrators, school counselors, and other advocates to support and enhance integrated learning environments...including innovative, research-based instruction, differentiated instruction and targeted interventions to improve achievement.

3.  rigorous, career and college readiness programs for under served student populations, consistent with section 120B.30 subdivision 1; integrated learning environments to increase student academic achievement; cultural fluency, competency and interaction; graduation and educational attainment rates and parent involvement.

Our current Achievement and Integration plan with the Minnesota Department of Education provides us with the seed money to help fund  a Literacy Specialist position in the Middle School to minimize the achievement gap, and to improve the process for helping our students develop individual student college/ career readiness plans.

Achievement and Integration Progress Report Fall, 2017