People are constantly letting us know how they have benefited from DeRenCo and the training we offer. We love to hear about success within the construction industry because this drives us to continue building and improving upon a learning platform that everyone can utilize. Below are just a few testimonials and feedback that we have received from people just like yourself!

S. Shabangu

"I feel that my personal learning objectives were met and that the training has equipped me with enhanced knowledge, learning and skills. By referring back to the material after the course I think that I will become more honed in my skills. (Contract Management Course)" - S. Shabangu (Sydwell Shabangu Projects)

A. Steffens

"I will definitely recommend this course to my colleagues. (Contract Management Course)" - A. Steffens (ICR Electrical)

R.F. Sibara

"I think that the structure of the course was very well thought out. The information, practical tips and advice will certainly help me in my use of MS Project." - R.F. Sibara (Entrepreneur)

P. de Bruyn

"I feel that my personal learning objectives were met - in fact I learned more than I expected to learn. I never knew that there was so much to MS Project!" - P. de Bruyn (Quantibuild)

M.B. Mkhombo

"The course (Management Development) was very effective. It opened my mind more, especially as a manager on how to deal with my subordinates and manage them effectively." - Beatrice Mkhombo (CEO, Mintirho Business Enterprise)

K. Kgatla

"Everything about the course (Management Development) was great, very practical. I've understood everything about it. I now have an idea of how to face my challenges!" - K. Kgatla (Mintirho)

N. Chauke

"I had a challenge of delegating, so I believe it has really given me a different paradigm on this matter. (Management Development Course)" - N. Chauke (Mintirho)

S. Ribombo

"The course was just SO good and SO relevant. Excellent, Brilliant, Practical, Superb! I really enjoyed it! (Management Development Course)" - S. Ribombo (Mintirho)

N. Malemela

"This course on Management Development was simply awesome! I thoroughly enjoyed it!" - N. Malemela (Mintirho)

T. Marimane

"The whole course was practical and realistic and dealt with everyday working challenges. (Management Development Course)" - T. Marimane (Mintirho)