Open a Soulstream of Joy with Derek Lin


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In Eastern wisdom (Taoist) traditions, it is taught that practicing one small bit of wisdom each day will add up to a life of insight and joy. 

Practicing The Taoor "The Way"weaves sacred wisdom to our daily life, bringing awareness and understanding of what makes our lives meaningful, especially in a world that seems hurried and crazed.

ConsciousSHIFT guest Derek Lin, author of "The Tao of Joy Every Day"which enables us weave that wisdom into our lives as a daily "mini-ritual," shares with Julie Ann that "We need to open our eyes to see life itself as a gift, and perceive the goodness embedded everywhere. Every day is a blessing, and every moment is an opportunity to express the Tao."

Derek, one of the bestselling Taoist teachers and writers in America today, applies the Tao to his work everywhere, from the financial industry to technology (for 12 years he went home from his "day job" to translate the Tao Te Ching - the primary Taoist text - from ancient Chinese into an English version lauded by experts worldwide), which he balances with his leadership as director of Tao studies at the Great Tao Foundation of America in El Monte, California.