Guess who won the BVEC Tournament!

Tuesday March 5
By: Julie Perez

The DePue Junior High 8th Grade Girls Basketball team won the BVEC Tournament on Saturday, February 9th. They played Neponset in Neponset for the Championship. DePue came from behind to win it all. There was an amazing DePue audience there supporting them throughout the game. The victory was even sweeter since Neponset had beat DePue twice already. The girls credit their strong defense for the win. It was a great way to finish off this winning season.


Meet the News Team!
The DePue Junior High News Team (From Back Left):  Aaron Davis, Makade Rios, Jose Rios, (middle left) Guadalupe Hurtado, Julisa Perez & (front) Giovanni Quintana
By: Makade Rios & Aaron Davis

What’s happening at DePue School?  Students, teachers, parents, and community members will never have to wonder again thanks to the new Junior High News Team.  The News Team is a group of 8th grade reporters, editors, and writers whose mission this year is to give readers an inside look into life at DePue.  The news team is led by Ms. Richards and will report on current events at the school. The News Team is made up of Jose Rios, Makade Rios, Aaron Davis, Giovanni Quintana, Julie Perez, and Lupita Hurtado.  Meet the News Team!:

Jose Rios is taking time away from his “Fortnite” endeavors to contribute to making the news team great.  Rios is looking forward to getting out into the school and community and investigating current events through his hard hitting interviews.   


 Another Rios on the News Team is the persuasive and determined people-person,  Makade Rios. Makade has used these skills in the past to become one of the top-selling fundraisers at DePue school.  This year, the future investor and entrepreneur looks forward to using these skills not only to outsell his main competitor, Lily Learned, but also to report on the issues that matter most to DePue students.  

Next up is Aaron Davis.  Davis has been looking for an outlet for his creative energy for some time now, and hopes the News Team will be the perfect fit for him.  He is also determined to use the language skills he will be practicing on the News Team to convince Ms. Richards to let him be the track manager this Spring. Good Luck, Aaron!

The fourth member of the DePue News Team is Giovanni “Gio” Quintana.  Although his first love is video games, Quintana also enjoys the outdoors and looks forward to being an on-the-scene reporter for Homecoming events, soccer games, and any other stories that will get him outside.  

For Julisa “Julie” Perez, the answer to any question is “Basketball.” What is her favorite sport? What is her favorite thing about school? What is she most excited to report on as a member of the News Team? You guessed it.  

Last but not least is another member of the Girls’ Spartan Basketball team:  Guadalupe “Lupita” Hurtado. Aside from basketball, Hurtado also runs track and participates in student council.  When she isn’t busy with these extracurriculars, she likes to spend time with her brothers, Jose and Angel. Because she is so involved with the school and has a brother in high school as well as a brother in grade school, Hurtado will naturally be a knowledgeable reporter.    

If you have any story ideas for these reporters, please let them or Ms. Richards know.  Meanwhile, as you are out and about at DePue events this school year, keep an eye out for Aaron, Makade, Jose, Giovanni, Julie, and Lupita.  They will be wearing Press Passes and will be working hard to spread all the good news about DePue