4 Year Old Kindergarten

USDD 4K Mission Statement

The mission of 4K in the Unified School District of De Pere is to provide all students with constructive, purposeful, and developmentally appropriate opportunities to play, discover, and learn through social interactions to inspire a lifelong love of learning.

4K Begins on Monday, September 11, 2017
* 4K begins later than the rest of the district due to partner sites needing the extra help and spots to accommodate the kindergarten's staggered starts.

Placement notifications for the 2017-2018 (07/18 Update):  Currently the only students still need to be notified of official placements are those students who are needing transportation with Altmayer Boundary addresses and new registrations.

 In addition, information regarding School Supply Lists, Parent Handbook, and other important information will be updated on this site periodically.

Meet the Teacher and Open House Opportunities:
Step Ahead                                                             Tiny Town
AM:  9/6 5:30-6:30                                                9/7 3:30-5:30
        9/7 12:00-1:00
PM:  9/6 6:30-7:30
        9/8 12:00-1:00

KinderCare                                                             Altmayer Elementary 
AM:  8/29 3:00-4:00                                              8/31 2:00-3:00
PM:  8/29 4:30-5:30
Open House:  3:30-4:00

Learning Lab                                                          Heritage Elementary
AM:  8/31 12:45-1:45                                            8/31 2:00-3:00
PM:  8/31 2:00-3:00

Head Start
For those students attending Head Start, you will receive information directly from them.

 Current 4K Students/Families

Families interested in registering their child for the upcoming school year (2017-2018), please click the tab below.  Be sure to choose the correct school year during the process.
Enroll in 4K Online - click here!

Future 4K Students/Families

To receive information regarding registration for the 2018-2019 School Year, please complete the form below.


Registration- More Information

4K Registration is an online process. For families without internet access, there are ongoing opportunities to register your child through our district office during normal business hours.

Parents will need to continue to provide immunization records and birth certificate verification.  These can be provided in a variety of ways.

Immunization Records:
- Parents can request their child's records from their pediatrician and upload them during the registration process.
- Parents can access their child's records from the Wisconsin Immunization Registry (WIR) and upload the information from there.
- Parents can bring a copy of their child's records, from the WIR or their child's doctor, to the registration evening and the district will upload them.

Birth Certificate Verification:
- Parents can bring a copy of their child's birth certificate to the registration evening and staff will log the required verification information.
- Staff can verify birth certificate information from records uploaded from the Wisconsin Immunization Record or their child's doctor, provided their child has been vaccinated and was born in Wisconsin.
- Children born out of the state of Wisconsin and who have received immunizations in states other than Wisconsin will need to have their child's birth certificate verified via the first option.

Current 4K Students/Families

Community 4K Sites

4K Community Partners - Site Information

All sites run Monday-Thursday with some added Fridays as necessary to meet state hour requirements.

Learning Lab

Click here for the Learning Lab 4K Website   

De Pere High School

1700 Chicago Street
De Pere, WI 54115
Phone: (920) 337-1020
AM- 8:00-11:05
PM- 11:55-3:00

1553 Arcadian Lane
De Pere, WI 54115
Phone: (920) 983-6430
AM- 8:15-11:25
PM- 12:15-3:25

1550 Silverstone Trail
De Pere, WI 54115
Phone: (920) 347-4890
AM- 8:05-11:15
PM- 11:55-3:05

2563 Development Drive
Green Bay, WI 54311
Phone: (920) 713-0043
AM- 7:50-11:00
PM- 11:50-3:00

1250 Swan Road
De Pere, WI 54115
(Based on Eligibility)

Susie C. Altmayer Elementary School
3001 Ryan Road
De Pere, WI 54115
(920) 338- 1894
AM- 7:50-10:55
PM- 11:40-2:45

Heritage Elementary School
1250 Swan Road
De Pere, WI 54115
(920) 337- 1035
AM- 7:50-10:55
PM- 11:40-2:45