Toledo City became a Schools Division in 1963. Prior   to that, Toledo City was part of the Division of Cebu Province. Since it was established as a division ,  its office has been located  within the compound of South City Central School. A new division office building was constructed in 2011.

Supervisor Delos Reyes was designated as the   first   care taker of Toledo City Division. Another supervisor named  Hilarion Canoy  was   designated   as  the  Officer-In –Charge. Mr.  Miniato Cuevas was appointed by President  Ferdinand  Marcos as the first Schools   Division   Superintendent.  Mrs.  Agusta  Dimataga,  Mr. Saturnino Seville, Dr. Pablo Antopina, Dr. Carolino Mordeno, Atty. Nuevas Tirol-Montes,  Atty. Marcelo  Bacalso, Dr. Lurline  Blanco, Mr. Jose Cabantan,  Dr. Judiana  Corriente,  Dr. Rhea Mar Angtud, and Dr. Ronald G. Gutay had been the  succeeding schools division  superintendents  who took turns in   managing and supervising  this  schools division. Currently, Dr. Joseph  Irwin A. Lagura is the 16th and the incumbent Schools Division Superintendent.

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