One byte is all it takes...

Are you ready to survive a Zombie DePauwcalypse? 

Be sure that you are.

The Zombie virus is exceedingly stealthy. It hides under file names so similar to uninfected files that it is next to impossible to detect. It infiltrates your security system silently as you click on seemingly harmless links.

There are often no signs of infection until it gets so serious that your computer begins sending out infected emails to all of your contacts. Unwittingly they open the emails and their computers become carriers of the virus. From here the infection spreads rapidly.

Are you prepared for the Zombie DePauwcalypse? or will you be the next victim?

Don't let your computer turn into a Zombie.
Find out more about Healthy Computing.

See how the CDC is preparing for the upcoming zombie apocalypse.

Complete the tasks, prepare yourself for the invasion, and be entered into a drawing for a flip camera

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