Meet your PTA

About Us

The Denver Green School Parent Teacher Association (DGS PTA) shares the mission of its parent organization, the Colorado PTA.  Our mission is to make every child's potential a reality by engaging and empowering families and communities to advocate for all children.

The overall goal of the DGS PTA is to foster an inclusive community that focuses on building long lasting relationships between school staff and families.  We aim to provide a forum for the families, administration and educators of our school to collaborate and support our school motto of a "hands on, brains on" education. Through events, programs, and fundraising, we strive to meet the needs of our diverse student body.

Board Members 2015-2016

PTA President

PTA Vice President
Monica James -

PTA Vice President
Nicole Green -

PTA Secretary

PTA Treasurer

Committees & Chairpersons

Shelly Fitzgerald - CO-CHAIR
Stacy Wyatt - CO-CHAIR
Erins Lovins
Taryn Cox
Nicole Green
Andrew Lewis
Amanda Gonzalez
Caitlin Roberts

Budget Committee
Ronda Loredo - CO-CHAIR

Community Day
Nicole Green - CO-CHAIR
Megan Martinez - CO-CHAIR
Wendy March
Stacy Wyatt
Erin Lovins
Shelly Fitzgerald

Box Tops
Stacy Wyatt - CHAIR

King Soopers Cards
Andrew Lewis -CHAIR
Erin Lovins
Jen Forrest
Monica James

Dinner Nights
Kristen Danko - CHAIR
Taryn Cox
Erin Lovins

Coffee and Conversations
Meg Schomp - CHAIR
Taryn Cox
Erin Lovins

Scholastic Book Fair
Erin Lovins -

Back Pack Program - Sandy Stewart Lead
Shelly Fitzgerald - CO-CHAIR
Liz Gordon
Ronda Loredo

Big House PTA Liaison

Volunteer Coordinator

All Pro Dads
Tim Gordon
Andrew Lewis
Jose Loredo
Neil Fitzgerald

DGS Gear
Stacy Wyatt
Erin Lovins
Monica James

Elections Committee
Monica James - CHAIR
Meg Schomp