I will be using the Reading Street curriculum to guide our exploration of reading and writing.  Each day students will be engaging in a balanced literacy program where they will be doing the “Daily 5”.  When I talk about the “Daily 5” I am referring to that every day students are 1) reading to themselves 2) reading to others 3) listening to read 4) doing word-work through spelling and grammar practice 5) and working on their writing. 

My goal for  the students in reading is to grow 1.5 years. This growth can be seen as 1.5 years growth on the DRA2 or by growing more than one proficiency band on end of trimester reading/writing exams.  It can also be shown through growth on individual portfolio pieces.  Students will be self-monitoring their own growth throughout the year. They will have many opportunities to be exposed to quality literature, and I hope that in doing so students begin to cultivate a deep love for the art of language. 

When it comes to writing my goal is for students to collect a portfolio of work that shows at least 1 proficiency band of growth.  Throughout the year students will be publishing texts of various genres.  Some of the students published pieces will include:


  Personal Narratives

  Expository Writing 

  Argumentative Writing

  Compare and Contrast

  Feature Articles

  Letters to the Editor

  Newsletter/Newspaper Writing 

  Science Lab Reports

  Research Reports 


Students will be engaging in science notebooking.  As a part of my professional development I am participating in a three year science institute that is aimed at increasing scientific awareness, literacy skills, and critical problem solving for students.  The institute focuses on science notebooking as a process used throughout scientific experimentation.  Students will be using science notebooks to document  their thinking about their investigations starting with coming up with a question, making a hypothesis, planning for the investigation, collecting data, making claims and evidence, and drawing conclusions about their results.  My goal for students is for them to be able to write proficient claims and evidence statements that have appropriate data to support the claims. As the year progresses they will use their reasoning skills to justify why their evidence supports their claims and writing strong conclusions. 

    Education For Sustainability 


This year our school will be focusing on looking at three main areas of sustainability including 1) The healthy commons 2) Sense of place 3) Inventing and affecting the future.


Students will be exploring these layers of sustainability through student directed project based learning.  We are working toward answering the question "Where does our food come from and why should I care?" As we work toward uncovering answers to this question, my goal is that through our class projects students will discover that sustainability is finding true value of people and place for the longevity of homes, water, families, air, love, business, land, and respect. I want them to experience that sustainability is understanding, recognizing, and acting slowly and deliberately to shift our society away from unbridled consumption toward conscious consumption. They will experience that sustainability requires the combined mind and a change in mental models. They will see that one person cannot solve the magnitude of issues this philosophy presents. Therefore, Sustainability requires diversity and they too are responsible.