How and why to get kids moving!

In our current age of addictive technology, it seems impossible to keep our students physically active. Living a sedentary life can cause obesity and a whole handful of other lifelong illnesses. It is our mission to educate and advocate for creating more movement in our schools, and not just in physical education class. We are hopeful that classroom teachers will use movement techniques to prepare the brain for learning, relieve anxiety prior to testing, and promote better social skills through team movement and problem solving.
This website is designed to help educators promote movement in their classrooms, and to encourage physical education teachers to collaborate and be a resource for this very purpose. The following videos demonstrate this process in action...

The Impact of Physical Education

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From the article, "Benefits of Exercise in the Classroom," Fitness Blender Website.

Exercise in the Classroom
Recently a teacher in Canada decided to test what effect exercise had on her students and found some amazing results. The teacher added two weekly bouts of exercise that were 20 minutes each and conducted them while still teaching her regular subjects like language arts and mathematics. At the end of the four-week trial, the teacher found that every single student went up a full letter grade in reading and math; some of her kids even went from F’s in vocabulary to A’s. This was similar to the findings of the study done by Georgia Health Sciences University.

This four-week test on the effects of physical activity on learning not only found an increase in test scores, but also found that the kids had an improved ability to concentrate and could work for longer periods of time without interruption. Additional benefits included significantly improved student attendance, and an impressive 67% drop in disciplinary problems.