Welcome to Mrs. Huff's Denver High School Spanish website.  

Mrs. Huff will teach Spanish 2, Spanish 3 and Spanish 4.  Both courses have a lot of technology integration. The focus of these courses is to improve the student's writing, reading, listening and speaking skills with the Spanish language. 

Follow our class on Twitter at @espanoldhs and on Snapchat at espanoldhs

Lesson Plans

Mrs. Huff keeps an updated calendar on this website that includes all information for her courses. The interactive calendar includes links to important online information and due date reminders.


Grading Information

In order to help students use the Spanish language instead of merely memorizing words in the language, I will be using some skill based rubrics to assess the student's ability to read, write, listen and speak. Read about the proficiency standards for each course and how skills will be assessed.


Keys to Success

Worried about surviving a Spanish class with Mrs. Huff?  Here are some keys to success and suggestions for how you can do your best in Spanish class.