Welcome to Cyberium!

Welcome to the tranquil civilization of Cyberium!  Here, there is a proud tradition of knowledge and kindness.  While the rest of the world goes through turmoil, Cyberium has always seemed to avoid these struggles. However, Cyberium isn’t all it seems to be. Below the surface, there are those that want power and want Cyberium to make its mark on the world.  Should Cyberium rise to the world stage, or continue to coast along in peace and ignorance?  Follow the epic saga to find out!

Councilman Gauthier will be the leader for this exciting foray into the political season. As an expert in the politics of Cyberium, the Councilman will oversee all activities and trials to determine that those vying for election spots to lead Cyberium are fit for the job.

These activities will entail the following (subject to change as the political season heats up):

  • Daily Training

  • Trials of Endurance

  • Trials of Strength and Teamwork

  • Trials of Intelligence

  • Trials of Charisma

  • Public Relations

There will also be real time updating of the polls based on your performance to see who is in the lead. Of course, just because you are in the lead doesn’t mean there won't be suprises...