DVISD Leadership

DVISD Board of Trustees

Ms. Rebecca A. Birch, President, SMD 6  Ms. Ann J. Heuberger, Vice-President, SMD 1
 Mrs. Elvia Guadian, Secretary, SMD 9Mr. Charles W.  Diggs Jr., member, SMD 3 
 Ms. Debbie Russell, member, SMD 2Ms. Susanna Woody, member, SMD 7 
Mr. Richard Rendon, member, SMD 4 Mrs. Nancy Wilhite,.member, SMD 5 
Mrs. Darla Wegner member, SMD 8  

DVISD Administration

Dr. Kelly Crook, Superintendent

Gabril Munoz, Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources

Todd Gratehouse, Chief Technology Officer

, Assistant Superintendent of Finance and Operations

Janice Patterson, Director of Finance

Ray Prentice, Director of Human Resources

Celina Bley, Director of Communications

Donovon DePriest, Director of Child and Nutrition

Tawni Angel, Athletic Director

Humberto Araiza, Director of Transportation

Dr. Priscilla Canales, Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction (C&I)

Jonathan Harris, Executive Director of C&I

Pilar Westbrook, Director of Student Support

Dr. Deirdre Williams, Director of Special Services

Dr. Ruth Vail, Director of Bilingual/ESL

Molly Garcia, Director of Health Services

Tom Guyton, Director of Bands

Bill Moran, Director of Maintenance

DVISD Secondary Campus Administration

Del Valle Middle School

5500 Ross Road, 

Del Valle, TX 78617



James Cruz , Principal

Adrianna Price, Assistant Principal

Nathan Neal, Assistant Principal

Angie Vaught, Instructional Administrator

John P. Ojeda Middle School

4900 McKinney Falls Parkway

Austin, TX 78744



Sarah Reuwsaat, Principal

Jaye Montemayor, Assistant Principal

Joel Espinoza, Instructional Administrator

Jamie Moller, Assistant Principal

Dailey Middle School

14000 Westall Street

Austin, TX 78725



Mario Palacios, Principal

Adam Fichter, Assistant Principal

Dr. Mary Bashara, Assistant Principal

Sara Soto, Instructional Administrator

Del Valle High School 

5201 Ross Road

Del Valle, TX 78617



David Williams, Principal

Pedro Medellin, Assistant Principal

Courtney Wash, Associate Principal

Kellye Kirkpatrick, Associate Principal for Instruction

Melba De La Fuente, Assistant Principal

Leslie Depasqual, Assistant Principal

Cynthia Zapata, Assistant Principal

Carlos Martinez, Assistant Principal

Leticia Vasquez-Jones, Assistant Principal

Del Valle Opportunity Center 

5301 B. Ross Road

Del Valle, TX 78617



Ray Macias, Principal