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                               Our Core Values                    - our defining values
                                       ‘Commissioning Recovery from Drug and Alcohol Addiction’ Conference to be held in Manchester on 7th September

                                Delphi Medical offers services in the following areas of expertise;


Community Drug and Alcohol Treatment


Delphi Medical have the experience and knowledge required

to build effective efficient and value for money treatment systems for

drugs and alcohol. Our expertise covers the full range of treatment

options including substitute prescribing, medically assisted withdrawal,

and clinically supported abstinence both in outpatient and general practice  settings.




We have proven delivery experience in providing targeted treatment

for offenders with the aim of reducing reoffending rates. Delphi Medical

work towards removing gaps in criminal justice treatment at

all points. We improve routes for service users away from dependence, away from committing crime and away from any further time in custody.




We at Delphi Medical believe that effective offender health

systems should have substance misuse treatment at the core of

services rather than isolated from them. We use our experience in primary care and substance use treatment to develop truly integrated services in

partnership with all other agencies in prisons.




Delphi Medical have a strong focus on delivering their clinical experience

to others. We deliver effective clinical governance, clinical training and

knowledge of proven clinical systems that work safely but do not obstruct delivery of the best patient care.
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