Welcome to Del Norte School's Transportation Department 
   Bus schedules and routes are subject to change due to student ridership, efficiency and effectiveness to help control costs.  Please check back often for any changes.
For more information, please contact the Del Norte School's 
Transportation Department at (707) 464-0250.

Transportation Fact Sheets:

Director of 
Derrick Campbell

Bus Driver Instructor - Carlina Horn

Dispatcher -
 Ellen Lemrise

Click Transportation Staff for a list of all staff, including Bus Drivers


To find your students school bus stop, click on Bus Routes & Schedules, contact your child's school of attendance or the Transportation Department at (707) 464-0250.  Since there may be several buses picking up students in the same area, we recommend that before school starts you and your student visit the assigned bus stop, know the time the bus should arrive and the bus number.  Be sure your student knows the safest way to the school bus stop and arrives 5 minutes early to the stop, but no earlier than that.  

Your student should know the number of his/her bus. There are times when your student may have a different driver or bus, due to maintenance or substitutes needs.

Other Transportation Information: