Program Services

The mission of Del Norte County Unified School District's Title VI American Indian Education Program is to provide services, activities, and curriculum support for the unique cultural, historical, and academic needs of American Indian children for their success and future prosperity.

The Del Norte County Unified School District's Title V I American Indian Education Program offers the following services to enrolled students and their families: 

Academic Tutoring

Academic Guidance Counseling

Cultural & Historical Educational Activities

Cultural Enrichment Activities

College Preparation & Planning

Career Preparation & Planning

Awards & Recognition Ceremonies

Notifications of Resources & Opportunities

If you believe your child is eligible for enrollment, please fill out the 506 form and return it to your child's school, or you can send it to us in the Title VI American Indian Education office. 

A student is qualified for enrollment in the Title VI American Indian Education Program if the student, his/her parent, or his/her grandparent are an enrolled member of an American Indian tribe/band/group or Alaskan Native tribe or corporation. Or, if you, your child, or his/her grandparent have a certificate of Degree of Indian Blood. To enroll your child in the Title VII Indian Education Program you must complete the 506 form and recruitment letter and return it to your child's school or to the Title VII American Indian Education Office.

Once your child is enrolled in the Title VI American Indian Education Program you will receive a confirmation letter with the Title VII Referral Form should you feel your child would benefit from services. 

 If you need assistance, please call Title VI at (707) 464-0724 email Jenni Loftin, Title VI Program  Coordinator, at


American Indian Education Room 
Crescent Elk Middle School Room 25
994 G Street 
Crescent City, CA

Title VI American Indian Education Office
Two Trees
544 Harding Avenue
Crescent City, CA
Phone: 707.464.0724

Mailing Address:
301 W. Washington Blvd
Crescent City, CA 95531
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