Redwood Elementary School

Home of the Redwood Raiders

Early out wednesday:

1:35 Dismissal grade 1-8

Kindergarten Dismissal  at 1:00 pm


Grades 1-3 Dismissal at 2:15
Grades 4-8 Dismissal at 3:05

Monthly Attendance Rates for Redwood School:

Average to date:  96.18%

District Attendance Goal is 95.5%
Congratulations to our 6th grade girls for earning 4th place, our 7th grade girls for winning consolation and our 8th grade girls for winning the AA championship trophy in the Jaycee Tournament!
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Theresa Slayton, Principal
Principal's Corner

From the Office:
If your child is absent, please send a note with your child, or  you can call us at 464-0360, or
email Mary Martinez at 
to have it excused.