Human Resources

Coleen Parker
, Human Resources Director                                   707-464-0242
Ruth Clay, Human Resources Specialist                                           707-464-0242
Linda Brixey, Human Resources Technician                                   707-464-0225
Rebecca Clay, District Receptionist                  ext.  '0'   or    707-464-6141 

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Certificated staff consist of Teachers, Counselors, Administrators, etc.

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Classified Management & Confidential


Classified positions are those that do NOT require a credential, such as clerical staff, custodial staff, transportation staff, and instructional aides.

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       Tentative Agreement: Salary Increase for 2015-16 SY
       MOU: Article 12.2.2
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Per Ed Code 44919(b): "Governing boards shall classify as temporary employees persons, other than substitute employees, who are employed to serve in a limited assignment supervising athletic activities of pupils; provided such assignment shall first be made available to teachers presently employed by the district."

Per Board Policy 4127: "Any permanent or probationary certificated teacher employed by the district who applies for a position as a temporary athletic team coach and who satisfies the qualification criteria established for the position shall be considered before the consideration of non-certificated applicants."