Foster Youth Services
Del Norte County Unified School District/
County Office of Education

Most children placed in foster care have suffered trauma as a result of severe parental
abuse or neglect. The trauma, coupled with the experiences of foster care, can be overwhelming and incapacitating, hindering the youth's ability to learn. Research studies have demonstrated foster youth are more likely to repeat one or more grades, are twice as likely to drop out of school as non-foster youth, and are far less likely to earn a high school diploma.

Working collaboratively with our local schools, health and human services, probation, courts, foster care agencies, and other interested groups and individuals, the FYS program uses evidence-based strategies and promising practices to transform the dismal statistics for children in California. The goals of the FYS program include:

  • providing support to struggling students
  • strengthening the collaboration among partners
  • implementing innovative programs to improve academic achievement
  • expediting the transfer of educational records

Our Foster Youth Services Program is designed to improve academic achievement, promote graduation rates, reduce discipline and behavior problems, and increase attendance rates among foster youth. Why are these services needed? In Del Norte County:

  • Over 75 percent of foster youth students’ work is below grade level
  • Nearly 40 percent are retained at least one year in school
  • Students in the foster care system have typically moved more than once a year and have attended 9-10 different schools before they turn 18
  • Over 25 percent of foster students  qualify for special education services (compared with 10 percent of general population)

Services Provided by Foster Youth Services:

  • Additional tutoring opportunities are given to foster students through various interventions, including after school programs, Title I and Title 7 programs, in an effort to increase their academic achievement, focusing on math and English
  • Educational mentors who provide advocacy and academic support for youth in grades K through 12th
  • Socio-emotional counseling is available to students whose academic success is hampered by their history of trauma, abuse and neglect
  • Staff development trainings on AB490, Trauma-Informed Classroom Engagement, Special Education, PBIS and trauma informed practices, and other education-related topics
  • Provide educational support by participating in Social Services (Department of Children and Family Services) “Team Decision Meetings” and assistance with school enrollment, transition, and district graduation requirements.
  • Acquire health and educational records for youth residing in foster care placement.
"It Takes a Village to Raise a Child" could not be more appropriate when dealing with children in the foster care system, and we would like to acknowledge our collaborative community partners, including Del Norte County Department of Health and Human Services; the Del Norte County Probation Department; Del Norte County Superior Court; CASA of Del Norte; Remi Vista; Del Norte County Department of Mental Health; Foster Parent's Association; and the Wild Rivers Community Foundation.

FYS Documents can be found here:

FYS Contacts and Priorities

Christina Alton
Director of Foster Youth Services

(707) 464-0722

Patti Rommel
Youth Services Coordinator

Office Hours:
7:30 am to 4:30 pm

(707) 464-0726