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Teacher NameDepartmentEmail AddressOffice Hours M, T, Th, F
Teacher NameDepartmentEmail AddressOffice Hours M, T, Th, F
Aaron Fahl Math afahl@delnorte.k12.ca.us 8:05-8:57 
Adam Morris Career and Technical Education amorris@delnorte.k12.ca.us 10:11-11:03 
Ashley Wells Special Education/English awells@delnorte.k12.ca.us  
Barbara McQuillen World Languages bmcquillen@delnorte.k12.ca.us 10:11-11:03 
Blaine Lopez  Physical Education blopez@delnorte.k12.ca.us 11:47-12:39 
Brittany Wyckoff Special Education bwyckoff@delnorte.k12.ca.us  
Charlotte Svolos Special Education csvolos@delnorte.k12.ca.us 11:47-12:39 
Cheryl Bradley English cbradley@delnorte.k12.ca.us 8:05-8:57 
Daniel Sedgwick Visual and Performing Arts dsedgwick@delnorte.k12.ca.us 9:04-9:56 
Dave Bokor Math dbokor@delnorte.k12.ca.us 10:11-11:03 
David Olufemi Sanyaolu Math dsanyaolu@delnorte.k12.ca.us 11:47-12:39 
Debbie Scott English/Visual and Performing Arts dscott@delnorte.k12.ca.us 1:19-2:11 
Don Hartley Career Technical Education dhartley@delnorte.k12.ca.us 11:04-11:40 
Emily Dauber English/World Language edauber@delnorte.k12.ca.us  
Frederick Victor Work experience\Life Skills  fvictor@delnorte.k12.ca.us 10:11-11:03 
Gale West Science gwest@delnorte.k12.ca.us 11:47-12:39 
Guylish Bommelyn World Languages gbommelyn@delnorte.k12.ca.us 10:11-11:03 
Haley Buck Special Education hbuck@delnorte.k12.ca.us  
Heather Young English hyoung@delnorte.k12.ca.us 9:04-9:56 
Jeff Poff Social Studies jpoff@delnorte.k12.ca.us 8:05-8:57 
Jeffrey Cook Math jcook@delnorte.k12.ca.us 1:19-2:11 
Jeffrey Hanck Visual and Performing Arts jhanck@delnorte.k12.ca.us 8:05-8:57 
Jeff Vanpelt Career and Technical Education jvanpelt@delnorte.k12.ca.us 2:18-3:10 
Jennifer Longrie Social Studies jlongrie@delnorte.k12.ca.us 2:18-3:10 
Jessica Chamberlain Agriculture/Science jchamberlain@delnorte.k12.ca.us 2:18-3:10 
Joanie Lindenmeyer Physical Education jlindenmeyer@delnorte.k12.ca.us  
Johanna Dantzman Social Studies jdantzman@delnorte.k12.ca.us 1:19-2:11 
John Murphy Social Studies johnmurphy@delnorte.k12.ca.us 1:19-2:11 
Julie Smiley Visual and Performing Arts jsmiley@delnorte.k12.ca.us  
Katharine Pena Visual and Performing Arts kpena@delnorte.k12.ca.us 10:11-11:03 
Kenny Moore Math kmoore@delnorte.k12.ca.us 10:11-11:03 
Kirk Burrows Physical Education kburrowsdelnorte.k12.ca.us 2:18-3:10 
Leah Owens English ljager@delnorte.k12.ca.us 8:05-8:57 
Lisa Howard Social Studies lhoward@delnorte.k12.ca.us  
Louise Mason Special Education lmason@delnorte.k12.ca.us 9:04-9:56 
Lucas Kraft Science lkraft@delnorte.k12.ca.us 8:05-8:57 
Megan Pucillo-Slayton English/Spanish mpucillo@delnorte.k12.ca.us 1:19-2:11 
Miriam Wilson English mwilson@delnorte.k12.ca.us 1:19-2:11 
Pete Craig Career and Technical Education pcraig@delnorte.k12.ca.us  
Phil West Science phwest@delnorte.k12.ca.us 8:05-8:57 
Rebekah Munger Spanish rfinocchi@delnorte.k12.ca.us 9:04-9:56 
Robin Stepanek Math rstepanek@delnorte.k12.ca.us 8:05-8:57 
Ron Gastineau Career Technical Education rgastineau@delnorte.k12.ca.us 11:47-12:39 
Sara Sampels Science ssampels@delnorte.k12.ca.us  
Tim Bradley Math/Social Studies tbradley@delnorte.k12.ca.us 10:11-11:03 
Zitlali Rodriguez English/World Language zrodriguez@delnorte.k12.ca.us 9:04-9:56 
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