Welcome to Computer Technology. Students who are enrolled at our middle school have a variety of computer skills. There are many students who exceed computing fundamentals. Our goal for this course is to reinforce what is being taught in their current grade along with some advanced computing skills. We also plan to cover the topics of Digital Citizenship, Cyber Safety, and Cyber Bullying.

    All class work will be assigned a due date. If you are not able to complete the work by the assigned due date, a date will be listed on the class website under that specific assignment. All work turned in past the due date will receive a 10% deduction. No work will be accepted past the makeup day. It is YOUR responsibility to use Extra Help Days to complete your class work by the date listed. 

    After School: (By appointment; need 24 hours advance notice)

    Grading will be weighted.  What this means is that certain categories will have a greater impact on their grades.  
                70% - Projects                
                20% - Tests
                10% - Daily Typing

    There will never be homework in the class unless you choose to work on an assignment on your own time.  I will provide more than enough time in class to complete all assignments.  

1. Be to class on time. 
2. No swearing, teasing, name calling or put downs.
3. Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself.
4. Bring required materials to class. 
5. Do not make adjustments to the computer.
6. Follow directions. 
7. Clean up workstation area.

    Students who choose not to follow the rules outlined in the student 
handbook and the classroom expectations listed above will be 
held accountable for their actions. Consequences for poor choices 
include a verbal warning, phone call/note home, parent-student 
meeting, loss of computer privileges, and referral to the office.

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