Seasoned Hunters/Shooters and New Interests Welcome


DLS Archery will be shooting at the BRAC every Wednesday from 6 pm - 7:30 pm

$5 fee for student; Parents and non DLS siblings are FREE

Students are welcome to bring their own bow  (no Crossbows) or they can use one of ours for FREE (we have 11 Mathews Genesis Bows)

It does not matter what level you are (Beginner - Expert) we will work with you!  



Mrs. VanThomme: Certified Instructor   Mr. VanThomme : Certified Instructor

Shoots: Mission Craze Compound bow.   Shoots: Mathews Z7 Compound bow; Recurve bow

Experience Shooting: 8 Years.                                   Experience Shooting: 25 Years

Instructor: 5 Years                                                      Instructor: 5 Years

Interests: Hunting, Fishing and Hiking                     Interests: Hunting, Fishing and Video Gaming