Alternative Education

   Alternative programming at Delano High School focuses on prevention and intervention 9th-12th grade to optimize student success in learning.  The goal of the program is to assist the students who have been identified, before coming to high school or while in high school, who are in jeopardy of not graduating with his or her class. 

    We feel that a successful program is made up of a number of key components.  These components include: staff development, identification process, academic support, family support, persona/social support, work release, business connections, and community resources.
    We also feel that early intervention is one of the keys to a successful program while also understanding that more intensive interventions may be needed for a select few students who continue to struggle despite the staff efforts to provide intervention at its earliest stages.      

    With the partnership of the school, community, and family involvement students will become lifelong learners possessing skills, knowledge, creativity, sense or worth, and citizenship necessary to function and flourish in our rapidly changing society.

Shallyn Tordeur
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