Welcome to the Pearson School Library!

Library class is every week.
  • McCann- Thursday

  • Weller- Tuesday

1st Grade
  •  Crozier- Wednesday
  •  Santino - Friday
2nd Grade
  • Fitzwater- Tuesday
  • Wallace- Wednesday
  • Toth- Thursday
3rd Grade
  • Guckin- Wednesday
  • Smith- Wednesday
4th Grade
  • Braendle- Tuesday
  • Mader-Thursday
5th Grade
  • Dickinson- Wednesday
  • Stockton-  Wednesday

First Grade through Fifth Grade ~
 remember your library books on your day.

Open a world of possibilities!

October is National Pizza Month
6th-World Smile Day
18th-Chocolate Cupcake Day
30th-Candy Corn Day

November is National Model Railroad Month
11th-Veterans' Day
16th-Button Day

December is National Eggnog Month
4th-Wear Brown Shoes Day
21st-Crossword Puzzle Day
27th-Make Cut-Out Snowflakes Day

Thank you to everyone who helped with the Scholastic Book Fair!

It was a great success. See you again in September!

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