Welcome to the Pearson School Library!

Library class is every week.
  • McCann- Thursday

  • Weller- Tuesday

1st Grade
  •  Crozier- Wednesday
  •  Santino - Friday
2nd Grade
  • Fitzwater- Tuesday
  • Wallace- Wednesday
  • Toth- Thursday
3rd Grade
  • Guckin- Wednesday
  • Smith- Wednesday
4th Grade
  • Braendle- Tuesday
  • Mader-Thursday
5th Grade
  • Dickinson- Wednesday
  • Stockton-  Wednesday

First Grade through Fifth Grade ~
 remember your library books on your day.

Open a world of possibilities!

April is National Poetry Month
4th-School Librarian's Day
15th-Rubber Eraser Day
25th-World Penguin Day

May is National Salad Month
4th-Star Wars Day
9th-School Nurses Day
27th-Sunscreen Day

June is National Camping Month
1st-Hug Your Cat Day
21st-National Sea Shell Day
27th-National Sunglasses Day

Look for the Special Days display at the library featuring obscure holidays.

Zoo Lover's Day is April 8th

Where is the oldest zoo in the United States?
(hint: It is a popular school trip destination)
Image result for the philadelphia zoo

            A. The Philadelphia Zoo
                   It opened July 1, 1874
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