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On June 19 we had our 8th annual 3K with 105 runners participating making the most ever!  Check out the final times to the right. A great run was had by all!!


Gearing up next year! Don't forget to run over the summer.

2018 3K+ Race Results:

Pearson Girls:
1st: Sydney Greenidge    13:09
2nd: Sydney Lopez          14:18
3rd: Hailley Stillwagon      14:42
4th: Hannah Abele           14:58
5th: Emily Clauss              15:01
6th: Cheyenne Seidt         15:02

Pearson Boys:
1st: Anthony Stillwagon        12:53
2nd: William Corbett             12:54
3rd: Shane Stoney                13:23
4th:  Evan Durco                   13:37
5th:  Dillon Armstrong           15:20
6th:  Austin Ruiz                    15:52

Middle School Girls:
1st: Rachel Esposito              14:14
2nd: Helena Eaton                 17:05
3rd:  Nevaeh Spivey               20:38
4th:  Grace Dairo                    22:11
5th:  Annika Jantz                   23:32

Middle School Boys:
1st:  Danny O'Malley                12:46
2nd: Jairo Velazquez                14:12
2nd:  Sean Haines                    14:12
3rd:  Joseph Camarre               14:19
4th:  Briant Provenzano            14:54
5th:  Aaron Tete                        15:49
6th:  Ryan Walter                      16:43

1st:  Jason Lopez                   12:03
2nd: Christina Chang             13:54
3rd:  Dawn Clauss                  15:45  

1st:  Tim Allen                          13:11
2nd:Robert Hozier                   15:50
3rd: Carleen Dickinson            15:52
4th: Allie Donnelly                    15:58
5th: Stephanie Weller              15:59
6th: Jessica Fitzwater              16:23