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On June 13 we had our 6th annual 3K with more than 100 runners participating making the most ever!  Check out the final times to the right. A great run was had by all!!


Gearing up next year! Don't forget to run over the summer.

2016 3K+ Race Results:
(oops, the water crew added an extra block this year)

Pearson Girls:
1st: Rachel Esposito          15:15
2nd: Rory Teel                    15:32
3rd:  Sydney Greenridge    15:38

Pearson Boys:
1st:  Domonic Marrone       14:19
1st: Seth Cohen                  14:19
3rd:  Briant Provenzano      14:29

Middle School Girls:
1st:  Rebecca Mikulski         13:48
2nd: Sage Ferguson            14:41 
3rd:  Amelia Provenzano      15:12

Middle School Boys:
1st:  Caleb Esposito              11:34
2nd: DJ Zimecki                    11:58
3rd:  Shamir Stoney              12:15

1st:  Jason Lopez                  12:01
2nd: Tim Allen                       15:15
3rd:  Bobby Joe Esposito      15:22   

1st:  Tim Allen                        12:01
2nd: Ally Donnelly                  15:43 
3rd:  Stephanie Weller           15:46