January 2018

     As the third marking period rapidly approaches, we have started our argumentative writing unit. In 7th grade, the students are researching the gun control debate and educating themselves to the arguments that make this issue so controversial. We have had excellent discussions on the subject, and the students have all determined on which side of the issue they stand. Each student will write his/her own essay in which a claim will be stated and supported with reasons, facts, and examples learned through the hours of research conducted in class. The 8th grade students will follow the same process, but each student was given the opportunity to choose an issue on which they feel passionate to research and argue a claim. Everybody is learning a lot about the current issues that dominate our culture presently, while we also focus on argumentative writing structure and strategies.
     In our reading instruction, we will continue to focus on the elements of literature and helpful strategies to remain engaged readers. We are currently reading our first of several novels that we will read this year. We are working in book clubs this year, in order to have opportunities for meaningful discussions with peers and differentiation to account for various interests, reading paces, and reading levels. 
     As always, please let me know if you have any questions or concerns. 
                                                        Sheryl Friedman