September 2017

    Welcome back! I am very exciting to work with my students this year! We have so many new materials that will help make our learning more interesting. One, in particular, is our new Lightsail online reading library. Lightsail will provide the students with a large electronic library of authentic literature to read as part of group assignment or for their own personal enjoyment. 
    As we begin the year, our fiction reading unit will focus on critical thinking skills while we become engaged readers. We will learn to respond to what we read and support our thoughts with textual evidence.
    Our first writing unit will be narrative writing. We will begin with a memoir in which the students will learn to use description and dialogue, among many other strategies, to write about a meaningful small moment in their lives. 
    This will be a year filled with learning and fun, and I am looking forward to working with my students and their families to ensure everyone's success.

                                                        Sheryl Friedman