March 5, 2017

     We are halfway through the third marking period, and time sure is passing quickly! Spring is right around the corner, and I am certain that Spring Fever will strike soon! Regardless, we will continue to work diligently on our reading and writing strategies in language arts.
     We have completed our narrative writing  unit and learned and/or reviewed many new strategies. Now, we have turned our attention to argumentative writing. The eighth graders are writing argumentative essays on an issue that they personally selected based on their interests and passions. They are researching their issues to learn even more and will make a claim that expresses their views. They will then support their claim with relevant, compelling arguments and back those points with powerful evidence that they collected while conducting their research. Once we have completed our argumentative essays, the eighth graders will apply the same argumentative writing strategies to a literary analysis essay.
     The seventh grade is also writing argumentatively, but in the form of a book review. They are making claims that express their views regarding a book they have read and are supporting those claims with evidence and examples from the book. They are also conducting research to provide their readers with background knowledge of the author or relevant information related to the backdrop of the story. Once the book reviews are complete, the seventh graders will write their argumentative essays on a controversial issue to be determined. They will follow the same process as the eighth graders previously mentioned.
     In our literature unit, we are wrapping up our first class novels. We have reviewed and studied many literary elements through our reading of the texts and have collaborated with one another to analyze all aspects of the novels. Once our work on these novels is complete, we will spend a bit of time returning to some enjoyable short stories. During this time, we will continue to build on our knowledge of the literary elements and the authors' craft.
     In the weeks to come, we will spend some time working on nonfiction text. This unit will include strategies to be stronger engaged readers while reading informational text. We will explore the structure of the texts and features that help promote a deeper understanding of what is read.
     As you can see, we will be busy, busy, busy! Please feel free to email me at any time with your questions or concerns!
                                                       Mrs. Friedman