Hunt Etiquette

The age-old traditions and customs of fox chasing serve to protect the sport, the landowners, their property, the hounds, horses and riders from unnecessary harm. Please go to to learn more about hunt etiquette.

Hunt Attire

Formal hunt attire consists of a black riding jacket, white shirt and stock tie with a pin, yellow vest, beige breeches, knee high black boots, and a black hunt helmet. Male members who have been awarded their “colors” or female staff members may wear scarlet. Traditional English tack is used with a contour shaped saddle pad. Prior to the opening hunt, meets are called cub hunts and informal attire is worn consisting of a tweed jacket with brown or black knee boots, black or brown helmet. Juniors (18 and under) may wear informal attire during the regular season.

Where to Ride

There are three riding groups, or fields, at most hunts. First field moves fast and jumps; Second field does not jump and moves at a moderate pace; Third field moves at a slower pace, no jumping. Children 18 and under must be accompanied by a responsible adult and ride to the rear of the field. There will be an exclusive Junior’s field with adult guidance at certain hunts to accommodate less experienced riders or children who have no responsible adult to accompany them. Contact the Field Secretary for information.