आजाद हॉस्टल

में आपका स्वागत है‌‍

आजाद हॉस्टल के सभी जूनियर छात्र, इस वर्ष के सीनीयर छात्रों की विदाई पर उन्हें ढेर सारी बधाईयाँ देते हैं और कामना करते हैं की वे समाज में अपना अलग मुकाम हासिल करें और हर कार्य में सफलता हासिल करें

The Junior students wish a warm Farewell to the senior passing out students of the Azad Hostel and wish them success and joy in every spheres of life...

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आज़ाद हॉस्टल, बरेली कॉलेज, बरेली

Azad Hostel

 Azad hostel is maintained by the Warden  Mr. A.P Singh and his helper Mr. Amarnath.

The Warden : Mr. A.P Singh who is also a highly qualified Professor and a remarkable administrator takes care of each and every students issues. The warden is very friendly with the students but also keeps an eye on every activity of the student and thats why is able to keep a clean record at the boy's hostel.


List of  noted present students: 2011-12

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(If your name is not mentioned properly or not in the list, please contact the site admin, bottom of the website)

Last Year's noted senior students:- 2010-2011

Mr. Akash Verma                                       Mr. Jeetendra Gangwar                         Mr. Rajiv Singh                               Mr. Umesh Solanki               

Mr. Ranbeer Singh                                   Mr. Himanshu Gangwar                       Mr. Ashish Tomar                         Mr. Shobit Johri                      

Mr. Nikhil                                                      Mr. Imran Syed                                            Mr. Jasveer Singh                          Mr. Javed                                    

Mr. Hilal                                                         

Mr. Vivek Shankhdhar                             

Mr. Mohsin Khan                

The students in the hostel keep a friendly environment and always remain cordial. The seniors act wisely so that their juniors can study harder rather wasting time in unwanted activities.

All the students have equal dignity in the hostel, regardless caste and creed or financial or social backgrounds. All festivals and all events of mourning are together felt by all the students with the full spirits. Thus the hostelliers keep a very emotional contact for each other.

 Periodic festivities are enjoyed and boys enjoy a family life.

Maintainer-Helper Mr. Amarnath keeps check on sanitation, water, electricity and entertainment needs of the students alongwith huge meals to prepare for students.


Mr. Anil Khati is the watchman and also maintains his small private canteen for hostelliers inside the hostel campus. Tea, buns and breads are available at pocket friendly rates, thus there comes no need to go outside the hostel for everyday tea. Credit facility is also available.


Mr. Ramautar keeps sanitation proper in the hostel campus. He is also responsible for the lawns and plants inside the hostel.






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