Hello! I am Miss Bankert.
 I graduated from IPFW with a Bachelor's in Elementary Education and minor is Special Education.  One of my biggest joys in life is teaching special education and seeing those great "Ah-ha" moments in all students. I am very thankful to have taught at both DeKalb Central High School and Country Meadow Elementary since starting at DeKalb Central. 

Contact Information: sbankert@dekalbcentral.net
                                                    (260) 920-1017 ext. 7101

My co-learners and partners in Room 301 (CME)

Class Code of 


Treat people right
Do the right thing

Our End in Mind
  • To read at or above our individual reading level aim lines
  • To meet our IEP goals for the year
  • To live the 7 habits

Running Club!

Fall 2013- We had a second go around for running club! This time we trained for a 5k race that supported Oak Hill Farm, a therapeutic horseback riding center for children with special needs. Although we had a smaller bunch of runners this time, we trained for 6 weeks and 8 of us ran the race! Below is a picture of some us with our running data throughout training. 

Spring 2013- Students and I endured a 6 week running club routine training for the Dekalb 5K Dash. Our goal was to run the 5K in 35min. or less. I am very happy to announce, everyone who ran the race (not including our walkers), made the goal! WAY TO GO SAWYER, CARMEN, LANCE, AUTUMN, ASHLAND, SARAH, MRS. MARTIN, MRS. CROUCH, AND MISS BANKERT!

Here's our group that ran or walked the Dekalb 5K Dash! Way to go Country Meadow!

Here's everyone who ran or walked the Dekalb 5K Dash! WAY TO GO COUNTRY MEADOW!!