Mrs. Fischer's Fantastic 4th Grade Class

December 2017

Reading... We are working on our nonfiction reading unit and trying to take notes on the important parts. This is a challenging skill, but one they will need going forward in their school career!

Writing... We have organized our opinion essays using a graphic organizer. The kids have their thesis, reasons, and evidence to back up their reasons. They just finished a solid introductory paragraph!

Math... This last set of lessons was pretty tricky! There were lots of terms that we worked on including prime, composite, multiple, factor, and product. By the time a child gets to 4th grade, the expectation is that they are fluent with their multiplication facts. This can be a way to really help your child in their math! Practice multiplication facts at home.

Social Sciences... This week we discussed archaeology and how archaeologists make discoveries about the past. We also learned about the first people in Wisconsin - the Paleo Indians. Ask your fourth grader what the Paleo Indians hunted!


IMPORTANT THINGS TO REMEMBER! -Field trip to the Capitol and Historical Museum is Dec. 21. Permission forms and money due Dec. 8.
-December book orders due Dec. 8.
-Dec. 1 - First trimester ends - report cards coming soon!

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