iPod Family Resources

“For the rest of their lives, 
our students will always have a computer with them.  
We need to teach with that in mind.”  --Felix Jacomino

A generous donation from the Yahara PTO enabled the district to purchase iPod Touches, a powerful hand-held computer that will allow students to use technology for learning like never before.  Wanting to expand the learning opportunities to others, the decision was made to purchase carts of iPods for each elementary school and two carts for the Middle School (one each for the 5/6 and 7/8 sides.) 

This decision is not only supported by the local Framework for our Future themes, but is reinforced by the the New Media Consortium’s 2011 Horizon Report for K-12

The Horizon Report takes a research-based, unbiased, and transparent look at which technologies are likely to have a large impact on K-12 teaching, learning, and creative expression. They organize lots of people into talking, debating, and deciding which technologies hold the most promise and then divide them into three adoption windows (next year, 2 to 3 years, and 4 to 5 years).  On the immediate horizon?  
Mobile learning and cloud computing. 

Mobile Learning:

An iPod Touch puts the power of a computer in a child’s pocket.  Teachers and students from WES, EPES, and YES have been enthusiastically trying their hands at using iPod Touches in and out of their classrooms.  A handful of staff have spent a day learning, test-driving, and planning for iPod-enhanced lessons.  The possibilities are nearly endless, and we’re looking forward to sharing what the students have created and working with the rest of the elementary and middle school teachers and Morrisonville on this project.

But teachers at other levels and administrators play a key role too, so this summer and into fall we will be working with staff members on a mobile learning project. Our goal is put a device in the hands of all learners, big and small.