The impact of 14,157 hours of influence on a child during their early development
is greatly underestimated in Christian circles. 
An environment of skepticism at best and often hostility towards the Bible, Creation,
Christian standards of right and wrong, Jesus Christ, and God can in reality
destroy a child’s faith for life.

PUBLIC SCHOOL: Rethinking the Issue

Christian teachers are the exception NOT the rule and as a whole the public school system can be accurately described as an environment where the Bible is mocked and undermined, where the credit for this magnificent creation (including life itself) is given to random chance and where Biblical morality is questioned and ignored.  The temperature has been turned up slowly and many thoughtlessly send their children into such an environment to be “educated”.  
Deford Christian Academy was began in 1981 with the purpose of bringing God’s Word front and center in the development and training of children.  While this does not guarantee internalization by the student, we believe it honors God and places confidence in the power of His Word!  Satan masquerades as an angel of light.  He is subtle and cunning.  We can all agree that if the devil were to hijack the education of our children it would not be under the banner of “Satanic Indoctrination Center for Young Impressionable Minds”!   Please ask yourself this question: What would public schooling have to look like for a Christian to think twice about sending his/her children?