Our Journey Toward Biblical Fellowship
"Then they that gladly received the word were baptized...and they continued stedfastly in fellowship and prayers...continuing daily with one accord in the temple."
Acts 2
In light of the fact that "church" has a tendency to become an event instead of an active body; In light of the fact that larger churches make it difficult to connect deeply with other believers; In light of the trend in our society toward a more closed and private personal life; And in light of our prayerful study of God's Word and consideration of discipleship and the body of Christ at DCC we have designed a SMALL GROUP opportunity as a central and regular part of our weekly worship gathering.  Here are some important links to help clarify and assist you as we seek to honor God and His Word in this matter.
A SMALL GROUP is designed to help you grow in faith, love and holiness as well as give you an opportunity to help others do the same through mutual encouragement, shared testimony, and group prayer.  The bottom line is that many of the Scriptures cannot be fulfilled alone.  The "One Another" verses of scripture are many.  Click HERE for a full list.
FEAR is an emotion that can often keep us from doing the right thing.  While no one will force you beyond your fears, we believe that every believer is an indispensable part of the Body of Christ and we encourage you to humbly and courageously face your fears and allow God to use you in whatever way He desires.
Helpful Resources:
    Why Small Groups? Together Toward Maturiy by C.J. Mahaney
If you are interested in joing a SMALL GROUP click HERE.
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