Your First Visit

We are a unique experience in lodging. Here are the important things you should know.
  • Rates: Generally, dorm $25 per person each night, $30 private. Kids under 14 stay for $15. Please see our hostel pictures and room rates page.

  • Email ><  to make a reservation, or call 207-348-2308.                                                 

  • Advanced reservations require full payment. You can send us a check or pay online with a card. Our cancellation policy: Full refund, minus a $10 booking fee, if you cancel up to seven days before the reservation date. No refund after that.
  • Please call or email to confirm the day before or morning of your arrival day. We will want to know what time you intend to arrive, if you will be here for dinner, and if you need a suggestion for what food to bring (see below about the dinner).                                                                                                      

  • Maine state law requires a valid photo ID at check in.

  • You will be required to sign a waiver releasing the Hostel from all liability upon check in.

  • Check in is from 4:30 to 9:00 pm, please call if you will arrive later or earlier.

  • Consider arriving by 6:30 or 7:00 pm and joining us for a communal dinner (see below)

  • We provide clean bedsheets, pillows, pillowcases and blankets. Due to the risk of bedbugs, we can not allow sleeping bags to be used.
  • There is a limit of five nights stay, requests for longer visits may be considered by the manager.

  • Everyone is expected to keep things clean, including making beds, sweeping the floor, doing dishes, fetching water etc.

  • We don´t mind if you have a beer or a glass of wine, but we do not allow intoxication. If you have too much to drink at the Hostel you will be asked to leave.

  • Even though we love pets, you can not bring them to the Hostel.

  • Please be respectful and quiet in the bed rooms.

  • Musical instruments are most welcome, but cellphones, laptops and tablets are discouraged around staff and other guests. We are here to get away from all that.

Communal Dinner

At 6:30 or 7:00 each evening, the Deer Isle Hostel hosts a free (and optional) communal dinner. This is usually one of the highlights of the day, when we all can sit down together, perhaps by the outdoor fire, and share a meal. The food is healthy and generally vegetarian friendly. Most dietary needs can be accommodated, such as gluten, lactose or other allergies. Just let us know in advance and we'll do all we can so no one leaves the table hungry.
   Guests are expected to participate in the dinners by bringing food and/or by cooking or cleaning. The Hostel offers what's available from the garden and the main staples like rice, beans, etc.
 What to bring? The best thing to do is to ask when you call to confirm your reservation. Usually there's a plan for dinner one or two nights ahead of time and your contribution can be a part of the puzzle! If you want to surprise us, or can't get a hold of anyone to ask, either go general; bring fruit yogurt, dessert, wine, bread or cheese, perhaps honey, olive oil, nuts or grains.


The most important aspects of our Hostel are respect and stewardship for the environment. We attempt to practice a very high standard of sustainability and try to quietly encourage others to do the same. The Hostel operates in the balance of comfort and alternative systems. We think you will find the place enjoyable and relaxing, however, some of the ways we do things here may be unfamiliar to you. Your stay at the Hostel is a chance to experience this style of living and see what parts of it appeal to you. Maybe you will discover something practical to take along.

  • The Hostel operates off the grid with solar electricity. We have electric lights, but no refrigeration.

  • We use the cellar to keep food cool, which works well with most things. Dairy products keep a couple days at best. You are welcome to bring your own cooler with ice.

  • Water for drinking and doing dishes is hand pumped and carried to the Hostel building. A ceramic water dispenser in the kitchen holds the delicious drinking water!
  • We have a communal kitchen for your use with cooking gear and a gas stove.

  • We provide bed linens and blankets and request that you do not bring your own. Sleeping bags strictly forbidden. This provides protection against bedbugs. We provide towels, but prefer if you bring your own.

  • We have a nice, odor free outhouse using the sawdust composting toilet method designed by Joseph Jenkins in his Humanure Handbook.

  • The shower house is closed in, but open to the sky. The shower has hot running water, heated through a coil in a plant-based compost pile. It's deluxe! Check out the video!

  • There is no heating in the hostel yet and that's a major reason we close in the fall.  If it´s cold we'll invite you to the staff house to enjoy the wood stove.