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Promoerotic - JLA

posted 10 Jul 2018, 02:47 by Ben Hansom   [ updated 10 Jul 2018, 02:49 ]
Deep Space Transmissions is back from the dead baby!  Gearing up for the rumoured (cough cough) Grant Morrison/Liam Sharp Green Lantern announcement at SDCC, I thought it would be wise to stretch the old blogging muscles again (it's been awhile) before launching headlong into another monthly annotations-fest.  Nothing too strenuous though, so here for your viewing pleasure is a gallery of promotional items for Grant and Howard Porter's JLA run back in the late 90's / early 00's.

All of these items were only available via giveaways or sent directly to retailers for the purposes of promoting the JLA series that began in 1996.  Nothing here was available to buy directly at the time, though all of it has since surfaced on eBay of course (some of it significantly more often than others).  I've tried to restrict myself to stuff that's explicitly tied to the Morrison/Porter JLA run, though there were of course other Justice League promotional items that came out in this period.  As a rule of thumb anything drawn by Barry Kitson is out (as the intention there would be to promote the Kitson-drawn JLA: Year One mini-series), as is anything painted by Alex Ross (who reportedly hated Kyle Rayner with a rare passion and, I think, barely if ever painted anything with the Morrison/Porter Big Seven line-up).  And this Tom Mandrake JLA poster from '98 is actually a page from Martian Manhunter #0, with a JLA logo slapped on it, so that's pretty weird and definitely not what we're looking at here.

For a more comprehensive look at the bigger Justice League merch picture, both around this time and either side of it, head on over to the late lamented Cosmic Teams site here.

Interesting to see that, despite it being DC's biggest selling title at the time, once One Million was over and done with DC basically didn't bother promoting the core JLA title again until Earth 2 came out after Morrison's run had finished.  Is no wonder he jumped ship to go and do X-Men eh?

1" JLA Button given away at the 1996 San Diego Comic Con

B&W uncorrected preview of JLA #2, sent to retailers and letter writers/reviewers.  Similar proofs of #1, #3 and #16 also exist

JLA retailer-only mobile, 1996.  There was also apparently a roll of wallpaper border available, though I can't think I've ever seen a picture of it.

JLA Month promo t-shirt, 1997

JLA #16, "What Does It Take To Join Their Ranks?" Promo poster, 1998

17x22" DC One Million promo poster, from the retailer promo pack, 1998

JLA Earth 2 promo poster, 2000

B&W uncorrected preview of JLA #1, given away to attendees of the JLA panel at the 1996 San Diego Comic Con

JLA counter stand/book bin, sent to retailers to display JLA #1, 1996

JLA / WildCATS promo poster, 1997

JLA Month "Strength In Numbers!" poster, 1997

DC One Million promo pack - contained a t-shirt, an ad slick, 1x black and white poster, 2x colour posters, a laminated "As Me About the 853rd Century" card and a bundle of "Passport to the 853rd century" fold-ups, 1998

DC One Million promo poster, from the retailer promo pack, 1998

JLA Earth 2 4pg preview giveaway, 2000

Diamond PREVIEWS catalogue cover, September 1996.  Apparently the background colour of issue #1 was changed from red to green so as to not give away where the Pantheon were really from too early

'The World's Greatest Heroes Together Again!"  Retailer promo poster for JLA #1, 1996

JLA Month retailer promo pack, July 1997.  Includes t-shirt, mini-folders, poster and second printings of JLA #10 and #11

JLA Month promo folders.  These are very small, probably only 5x3" or thereabouts, 1997

DC One Million promo t-shirt, 1998

34x22" Large DC One Million promo poster including checklist, 1998

JLA Earth 2 promo bookmark, 2000