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Morrison and Millar - Who Wrote What?

posted 11 Dec 2014, 14:50 by Ben Hansom   [ updated 11 Dec 2014, 14:52 ]

I found out today how the scripting for Morrison & Millar's VAMPIRELLA issues was broken down between the pair (care of an ancient Usenet post from Mark Millar himself), which makes SKRULL KILL KREW the last M&M collaboration (at least of their US stuff) where I don't know for sure who wrote what.

Apparently all of their stuff was plotted together (in the pub...) and then each issue was scripted solo by one of the two - they don't seem to have collaborated at all on the scripts themselves.

Here's who wrote what in case you were ever curious -

Morrison scripts #140 and 142, Millar scripts #141 and #143.  I've got the first few pages of the scripts for #140 and 141 which confirm those two, the other two are an educated guess based on one being a interesting Clive Barker-esque horror issue and the other being a nonsensical rip-off of Terminator 2...

I re-read this tonight (it's still rubbish) and I'd guess that Morrison scripted #4, possibly #5.  I'd say definitely Miller scripts for #1, 2 and 3.

Morrison scripted #1, 5 and 6; Millar scripted #2-4 and 7-10.  I'd be very surprised if Morrison didn't write the 'Citizen Vane' text piece in issue #3.  Issue scripts confirmed by Mark Millar in a (long deleted) Millarworld post from 2004.

Millar scripted #1-3, Morrison scripted #4, Steven Grant scripted #5 and 6 from a Morrison 'plot' (which, for issue 6 at least was one sentence of solicit text according to SG).  Nobody knows who scripted #7 (Millar and Grant both say it wasn't them, and it's very unlikely to have been Morrison).  #8-9 were written by Steven Grant with no involvement from Grant or Mark beyond their original outline document (all confirmed by Steven Grant/Mark Millar on Usenet).

Morrison wrote 'Emergency Stop' in #130-132, Millar wrote the three done-in-ones in #133-135, Morrison took over again to write 'The Human Race' in #136-138.   Millar gets a solo credit for #139-141 even though it's likely the Black Flash was a co-creation (again, confirmed by Mark Millar on Usenet).

So there you go, you need never accidentally read a Mark Millar comic ever again. You're welcome :)