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Hey! You've Got To Clyde Your Love Away - The Annotated Captain Clyde Part Two

posted 26 Jan 2019, 18:05 by Ben Hansom   [ updated 26 Jan 2019, 18:06 ]
Continuing with the second part of the annotations for Grant Morrison's long-lost Captain Clyde comic strip, now up *in its entirety* at  What a time to be alive!

This time around, the Deros move to centre stage as Captain Clyde uncovers an insidious plot by a four thousand year old amorphous blob from Atlantis to rule the world, and has his first encounter with the brain-baffling Belphegor.  All this and the destruction of one of Scottish football's most beloved landmarks awaits...

The link to the relevant Global Variables page is at the top of the annotations and the strips are numbered as per the pics on that site.  Thanks once again to the man behind the mask for sharing this with the rest of us.

Click here for hot annotation action!