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Clyde and Seek - The Annotated Captain Clyde Part One

posted 16 Jan 2019, 09:44 by Ben Hansom   [ updated 16 Jan 2019, 14:20 ]
Incredible scenes over the past couple of days, as the heretofore unknown (to me at least) website started posting huge chunks of Grant Morrison's long-lost Captain Clyde comic strip, originally printed in Glasgow local newspaper The Govan Press from 1979 to 1982.  As of this writing, we're at strip 66, so just over a third of the way through the 150 page run, with plans - it seems - to put the lot up.

Morrison was 19 and, like his hero Chris Melville, terminally unemployed when the strip began.  The Govan Press paid Morrison £4 a strip initially (about £20 or $26 in today's money), rising to £6 (basically the exact same amount of money, accounting for inflation) by the time the run ended.  When that end came - 3 years almost to the day since the strip began - it was in the middle of an epic saga of Captain Clyde versus Satan, truncated to just 11 installments from the original 30, and cruelly replaced by a syndicated Tom & Jerry strip, with extreme prejudice.

It struck me reading through the first few chapters that there's a lot of Scotland-centric and/or extremely dated contemporary references in there, so as someone who was barely born when the strip started, isn't Scottish and has literally never been to Glasgow I thought I'd be the best person to walk you through it...  Yeah, actually, feel free to help me out with that as much as possible please.

Captain Clyde Annotations - Part 1